Ringed Birds

Whooper Swan: Yellow. Right Leg. BL6. 27th October 2010. Fen Hide. Paired with 'Yellow. Left Leg. BL5.'

Ringing birds can provide us with some really interesting information on their movements, behaviour and survival, especially when they have colour rings, darvic rings, wing tags, neck collars or other markings that help us to identify individual birds. A telescope can be useful, but a camera can often provide all the details needed. Please keep your eyes open for marked birds (neck-collared Pink-footed Geese and darvic ringed Whooper Swans in particular at this time of year) and let us know any sightings.

  • Ring information...

    While walking on the beach at Rattray I recently found a dead colour ringed Shag. The bird had a Red colour ring with white lettering 'UHH' and a metal BTO ring.

    After contacting the ringer I found that the bird was ringed as a chick from a brood of four on 26/6/10 on the Isle of Craigleith in the Firth of Forth.

    The north east of Scotland is where the majority of Forth shags spend the winter so this isn't particularly surprising.

    It is interesting to find out about a birds history even if this happens to be only around 7 months. Information from dead ringed birds can help to identify mortality rates and population changes.