Technical Test Thread

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    How were you doing that OG?

    ChloeB & Tiger's Osprey Data

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    I also am experiencing a technical problem today, but I don't know the cause.

    This morning like every other morning I opened up an IE window that contains the LG web-cam as my home page. I only use IE for the web-cam because I could always increase it's size and I couldn't in Firefox. I always use Firefox for my other regular surfing.

    Anyway, I capture all of my images with Debut Video Capture Software and what I do is ensure that the web-cam image is centred in a small IE window, then I click to capture the image in that part of the desk top. I posted some captures on today's LG thread.

    This afternoon when I looked, the open capture window is all black despite the fact that the web-cam is running perfectly on the open IE window. Nothing I do will persuade DVCS that the web-cam isn't a black screen.

    I have had to go directly to the Carynx link to make it work. I can't enlarge that picture size either.

    I have closed down and restarted several times and the IE window picture won't transmit to DVCS no matter what I do.

    I don't know where the problem is.


    Best wishes Chris

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    I am doing a test to see if I am able to include a signature at the bottom of my posts as I don't have a clue what i'm doing. Alan has been most helpful


    Obviously note.

    a)  I upload the image to cyper space

    b) I post the code than given , after the upload , into my signature window/box.

    I don't get it



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    Cirrus: You need to go on to your profile and insert the code into your signature box there without the quotes.

    Example ""

    Should come out like this:

    NEW badger cull petition from Wild Justice

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    What part of this

    should I paste Alan please

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    Cirrus said:

    What part of this

    should I paste

    Hi Cirrus

    All of it.

    If you go back to Alan's post, and right click on his first black bird pic in his post, a box will come up on screen. If you click on View Image info in that box, another bigger box comes up with the Image info highlighted. That HTML line of text shows you what format your pasted text should look like

    Best wishes Chris

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    Thank you Woodpecker as you can see from my earlier post though , where I actually posted Alan's image info into my signature box, all I get is the information !!!  

    Anyway, at least I have learned that my image info    i.e.

    is correct and although I have pasted it whole , just like that in my signature box, it Isn't   working !!  ???????????

    Do I have to click on the link icon ?   cos when I do (either before I post the code or after I post the code) it does not activate

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    But, why isn't it moving

    Oh Phooey

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    I've not tried posting anything from word so I don't know how it would act on this machine but I used to get automated emails in the old version but apart from the day after the upgrade, I've not been getting them since.  Is there anything I should be doing?

    Warning!  This post contains atrocious spelling, and terrible grammar.  Approach with extreme edginess.