LLYN BRENIG 2 July 2024 - FEBRUARY 2025

Continued from June 2024

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This season so far   

31 March Blue LJ2 returns

1 April Blue 372 briefly visits, 6 April Blue 372 returns and stays

Sadly, Blue LM6 has not returned

Eggs laid

#1 April 23 - 17.40, #2 April 26 - 19.28, #3 April 29 - 15.46


June 2 - 00.52, June 4 - 09.48?  It is not known for certain which eggs these are. My thoughts are these are eggs 2 and 3 and egg number 1 did not hatch. (Left unattended on a frosty night)

However, the consensus among the volunteers is that it is eggs 1 & 2 which have hatched. Llyn Benig is around 1000 feet above sea level so the ambient temperature is around 2 degrees Celsius lower than at sea level which might account for longer hatching times. It has certainly been a cold hatching period. (AG)

Chicks ringed 08/07/24 - 8B8 (M) 1500g 265mm - 8B9 (F) 1620g 291mm

All captures and videos ©️NWWT, Welsh Water, Brenig Osprey Project

RESUMÉ for JUNE 2024

This has been a month of fast change. Two chicks were born at the beginning of the month. On chick 1’s day of hatching, someone was flying a drone in the area and it spooked 372. She alarm called and quickly left the nest with the little chick being thrown to the nest edge as she left. Somehow that wee one had the instinct and strength to move back to the nest cup and safety again.  372 has proven to be a great first time mother. She has gently fed the chicks, given them warmth and shelter and LJ2 has provided well with a variety of daily  fish. There have been the usual intruders which has distracted LJ2 at times from bringing in fish but he would always bring some later on. The chicks are now 4 weeks old and developing very well. There is a hierarchy between the chicks with #1 being dominant over #2, mostly at feeding times. #2 knows to allow #1 to feed first then it’ll get its turn. Gelert KA9(22) son of LJ2 and LM6, was photographed at Dyfi 3 weeks after his visit here on 25 May.

  • 21.32 372 picked up the leftover fish.

    21.33 I think only one chick ate


    21.43 then 372 had some.

    ©️NWWT, WW, BOP

  • 23.47 372 trying to shelter the chicks.

    ©️NWWT, WW, BOP

  • 10 July

    Good morning. Another wet one.


    06.55 LJ2 brought in a lovely trout for breakfast.

    ©️NWWT, WW, BOP

  • 09.32 8B9 has been doing flapping practice.

    13.15 Lunchtime delivery

    Nobody was that hungry and it was slow to be eaten.

    13.18 After looking around for a few minutes, 372 started eating the fish. 

    8B9 wingercising, 8B8 resting.

    13.20 8B8 goes to 372 for some fish

    13.21 That’s enough, he walks away.

    13.23 8B9 is now getting fed.

    13.24 8B8 is back.

    13.27 and away again

    13.41 8B9 is being fed again.

    ©️NWWT, WW, BOP

    It’s nice to see the chicks so full from the last feed that it’s an effort at the next feed!

  • 15.02 8B9 raised her wings but the wind caught them

    She got blown over and went crashing down.

    All okay Ok hand 

    15.03 8B8 then showed her how it’s done!

    ©️NWWT, WW, BOP

    The chicks are still building strength in their legs and are a bit unsteady on their feet.

  • 16.17 LJ2 brought in a rainbow trout.

    16.18 Everybody was more ready for a feed this time.

    LJ2 returned to see if there was any left for him. He waited for a while. 

    But the family kept eating so he left empty taloned.

    17.02 8B9 doing her wing exercises again.

    ©️NWWT, WW, BOP

  • 18.37 LJ2 ‘s had a good fishing day today. He arrived with another, headless this time making sure he definitely got some!

    ©️NWWT, WW, BOP

  • 14.20 LJ2 was on the tower perch earlier today.

    14.43 A wee while after he left, the PTX cam followed over to where he was now.

    Past the nest with 372 and the youngsters.

    Over to the tree with stripped back branches.

    15.01 A closer view.

    The cam was left in this position for the rest of the day. 

    ©️NWWT, WW, BOP

  • 20.22 LJ2 brings in some soft bedding.

    20.24 He then flies to the tree that the PTZ cam caught him on earlier.

    8B9 and 372 preening

    It’s amazing how much these young birds have changed in just over 5 weeks. 
    8B9 has all her markings of an Osprey now.


    21.50 A wee late night supper from LJ2

    21.51 Looks like a perch.

    21.52 Both chicks presented themselves and were fed.


    All settled down for the night.

    ©️NWWT, WW, BOP

  • 11 July

    07.39 Good morning. It was dry earlier but now very wet as the family waits on LJ2 who is hopefully fishing.

    ©️NWWT, WW, BOP