MANTON BAY - June 2024

Continued from Manton Bay – May 2024.

The history of the Manton Bay nest and stats can be found here .

The season so far:  On 12 March, Maya returned 12 March @ 15:58 and Blue 33(11) on the 13 March @ 15:25.     Maya laid her first egg on 30 March @ 13:58, the second on 02 April @ 13:15 and a third on 05 April @ 11:06.    At 23:23 on 10 May, egg #3 after 35 days was the only one to hatch. Maya had previously removed one egg at 10:50 on 5 May and the other remains on the nest.   On 15 May at 14:21 a live fish flapped, displacing the chick into the sticks at the side of the nest. Unable to get free, Rutland Officials accessed the nest and placed the chick back in the middle of the nest thankfully none the worse for its ordeal. 


Around the third week in June, the chick will be ringed with its blue darvic and we will learn more about it ie its sex, measurements, weight etc.  Until then, it will eat, sleep and continue to grow into a beautiful young osprey.