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Since the 9th May, a dark, unringed male intruder (with a distinctive large pupil in his right eye and who the team at Lowes has estimated to be 2-3 years of age) has been a regular visitor to the nest. The Pale Male, who had ‘destroyed’ the three eggs on the 7th/8th May, has not been seen on camera again and it was mentioned that this new young male had chased him from the area.

He has delivered many small fish ‘gifts’ (three in one day on a couple of occasions) and a sizable larger one to NC0 - her calls expressed how grateful she was - but that did not stop her from catching her own huge meal on the 23rd May, to satisfy her appetite. His many mating attempts have so far been rejected by NC0 though this has not put him off from making continuous efforts. The Dark Intruder, as named by staff in the hides on the reserve, is showing great nest building skills - bringing in a multitude of various-sized sticks and soft nesting material.

Although the relationship is in its early stages, NC0 appears to have accepted him as a 'potential' future mate and they have been observed working as a team to defend the nest against seen, and unseen, intruders - all encouraging signs for the beginning of a possible new chapter here at Loch of the Lowes.


Nest Updates 

Arrival dates:  NC0(16) - 8.3.24 (17:52)   Laddie (LM12) - 27.3.24 (16:38)  RIP Laddie (LM12) - remains found 3.5.24   Broken heart

Eggs laid: Egg #1 - 17.4.24 (10:48)  Egg #2 - 20.4.24 (10:53)  Egg #3 - 23.4.24 (20:47)

*Two eggs were destroyed on 7.5.24; the third one on 8.5.24, by an unringed, Pale Male Osprey. All were deemed unviable due to being chilled and left for long periods without incubation


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June Blogs and Updates (Published dates)

  • 11th June

    Morning All

    She remained on the nest until 6:04 when after a leg and wing stretch...

    And an overhead wing stretch

    She flew off

    NC0 was back at 6:18 after coming down from the cam post (she'd only landed on that moments before) - she was fish calling

    The male made his first appearance at 6:51, he hovered, NC0 lifted her wing to avert him from landing on her

    NC0 called for fish

    He left at 6:54

    He was back at 7:00 with a stick

    And left at 7:02

    The male has not returned. NC0, quiet at present, 7:42 - it's breezy


  • NC0 flew off at 7:52

    Returning with a small stick a few minutes later

    At 8:08, she was preparing for a fish delivery but the male landed with some moss

    He didn't stay long

    NC0 at present, 8:14

    Edit: Just as I posted the male returned with a small stick



  • Thanks Sandra for all the coverage.

    NCO and this male certainly appear to be forming a bond.   Next year is going to be interesting here.

  • It is wonderful to see. Am thinking that NC0s fish calls are getting a wee bit lost in translation for this chap Slight smile

  • Afternoon Karen, Julie and All

    The cam went offline at some point so have no way of checking if a fish was delivered, or not, up to the down time

    New YT URL from 13:07

  • 13:07 NC0 was on the nest preening when the new stream started

    She flew off at 13:48

    And returned with a huge stick at 13:51

    She made contact calls on landing

    She has remained on the nest and has spent a fair bit of time preening since then. I have not seen the male

    14:34 NC0 quietly looking around at present, 


  • NC0 left the nest at 15:09

    And returned at 15:11 with a large clump of grass

    Contact calls on landing

    She readjusted her stick from earlier

    Then dealt with her newly acquired soft nesting material

    Looking around quietly at 15:27

    Edit: I've noticed that the cam has been panned in slightly since the new streaming began (ie it doesn't show all of the birch area). I wonder if Lowes had zoomed in on the nest at any stage prior to this?


  • NC0 flew off again at 15:42, the wind had pick up quite a bit

    She was back at 15:45 with a long stick and a clump of grass in her talons!

    Contact calls made again

    She sorted the grass out first

    Then picked up and moved the stick

    16:14 She has stayed on the nest

    It's fantastic to see NC0 taking care of her nest! Smiley


  • A small headless fish delivery at 16:17

    Gosh, there was a kerfuffle to collect it!

    I don't think he could release his grip of it

    Finally in her beak!

    She vocalised

    He cleaned his beak

    NC0 was eagerly continuing to tuck in when the male flew off at 16:19


  • NC0 was still eating when the male came back with a small stick at 16:25


    Oooh, those wings! Grinning

    She continued to eat

    He looked over to watch her eating

    NC0 swallowed the fish tail at 16:27

    She was calling for more before he flew off at 16:28

    NC0 has remained on the nest and is fish calling at present, 17:06

    The male has not been back