Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey) 26 May 2024


I hope everyone has a good week.

Sorry I'm late starting the thread tonight. I forgot it was Saturday. LOL

We have extreme storms forecast for Sunday (hurricane-force winds, tornadoes, large hail, flooding, and lightning are all possible), so I was preparing. The birds must know about the threat, because they've been equally busy today. They seem distressed. Lightning hit a house across the creek from me last night, and crews have been clearing downed trees and powerlines across the county today.

Tomorrow is the Indianapolis 500 race. 300,000 fans will be at the track. Officials wouldn't cancel it, despite the dire weather forecast. If the expected storm arrives, people will be in the stands out in the open with no shelter!

Sending strength to all of you facing ill health and adversity. I care about all of you.

  • LINDY - Glad that you are feeling better - and hope that you hear from the hospital soon.

    ANNETTE - the cake and the idea of trifle made my mouth water ! 

    LYNETTE - I'm hoping that your bruises have faded - you were very lucky that nothing was broken..

    ROSY - how is your husband getting on ?

    OG - sending best thoughts - you haven't sounded too well of late.

    Things are OK here. My latest excitement is successfully booking an oven cleaning man !

    Regards to all - thinking about DIANE and weather events.

  • Thanks dibnlib & Heather. I had a better night last night.

    Rain here today and "showers" forecast, but in the UK that often just means "rain!"

    My OH has gone to the golf club to have a coffee with his golfing friends - he can't play but wants to keep in touch.

    I hope Diane is OK,  although I recall that she often gets cut off from the internet by bad weather. Hopefully she has ridden out  the storm.

  • Had computer problems, been very tired, been generally out of sorts.  Just had a scam scare, but sorted it with OH help.

    Don't feel like writing much, so will keep reading for today and try something better tomorrow, although we three are all going out that day..  Cleaners were here yesterday but the two of them now start various holidays, so we shall be muddled until early July!

  • Lindybird:  Good that your OH wants to keep the social side of things going.  Looks like the UK is having a cool spring.

    OG:  Hope you're well enough for the day out (I've assumed lunch is involved but maybe not).  I had an 'out of sorts' day today too.  Schedule went backwards with several 'to-dos' undown.

    Take care everyone.

  • Good afternoon, Annette.  I was wondering shere everyone was as well ...  Hope Lindy is feeling better and that everyone else is just getting on with things.

  • I'm here with good news ! The dietician visited today and has discharged me - I've put back a stone of my lost weight. Also, I don't have to take any more of the horrible drinks which were prescribed. Thank goodness for that.

  • Yay!  Good for you Heather?  How's everything else working?  

  • It’s raining! Glorious rain! We’ve had more rain this morn than March & April combined, after zero in Feb. Our rainy season should arrive April- May. It’s just made it before the end of the month. Our farmers will be ecstatic. Last few weeks OH has been eating his apple sitting in sun on our back verandah. Not today!

    OH had a “funny turn” overnight. I woke at 3.15 am to find him wandering the house, lights on and front door wide open. He said someone told him to get in the car - I think he’d had a dream. I convinced him to go back to bed but 10 mins later lights on again. So I settled him in his TV chair where he dozed off. Not me, I couldn’t sleep and tried reading. I went back to bed after 5 and this time slept. . . until nearly 8 am. I shall mention episode when we see GP next month. OH is often confused now/

    May is History Festival month when lots of museums, churches have open days. There are also walks & tours all related to history. On Friday I drove to Dau’s and she drove the hour winding through Adelaide Hills to Eden Valley to visit a former Baptist church, now a craft gallery, for me to capture the stained glass. On Saturday I joined a tour of a Lithuanian chapel – very different windows, filled with many images.

  • AQ - I wonder if your OH is experiencing side effects of medication for Parkinson's ?.

    Sending hugs....