Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 19 May 2024


The moon turns full on Thursday in the UK and the US.

I saw my first Ruby-Throated Hummingbird of the year today. He will probably stay around. I have a towering old locust tree behind my house on the creek levee. Growing on the tree is an old-fashioned wild trumpet flower vine with red-orange flowers. The hummingbirds love those blossoms. A pair stay for the summer every year.

I hope everyone has a good week. Love and hugs to all.

  • A quick hello to CLARE and LIMPY. I haven't seen Clare for awhile. I thought of her yesterday. I saw a set of dinner dishes decorated with pictures of beautiful crows. Also, hello to CIRRUS. Hope all is well with you.

    And hi to DIBNLIB. I missed you when I did my long post. If I recall, you were getting ready for a holiday away recently. Hope it was wonderful.

  • Diane:  Thank you.  Our hummingbirds are busy and the rust-colored one are back in town.  Have also had the Orioles at the fountain too.   

    Spent all day cleaning out the garage and deciding what we might ever need vs things we can take to Habitat for Humanity, a local thrift store, the recycling and/or hazardous disposal centers or the dump!   It's all too exciting. 

    Hae a good Sunday everyone.

  • Thank you Diane. Lovely to hear  about your surroundings. At this time of year it sounds lovely. 
    Annette - it’s a good feeling to tidy things up. Well done.

    Lovely and sunny here today. I cut the lawns yesterday and went round the edges so I felt very pleased with myself. Today I will do some gentle weeding! 

  • I rejoice with you over the delightful ruby throated hummingnird Diane .Here I have countless juvenile starlings littering my back lawn with their harassed parents chasing around my lawn looking for the sultanas that I have generously strewn around.. May is my favourite month but I can no longer enjoy the summer sun if it gets too high, even with my UV umbrella to shade my body. Sigh . Oh well. So, hello to you too Diane enjoy the wildlife in all its glory. Thanks for news of the full moon

  • sounds like a replay of my day yesterday and intentions for today Rusty

  • Good morning - another hot sunny day.  Not gone to church as I am really not feeling at all well and had a bad evening .  Woke up at 5:30 this morning but couldn't get out of bed until 8:30. - I wish we could sort this out but OH can't tell whether I am awake or asleep - or even whether I am breathing!    He gave J his lift to church but came straight back home and is doing some gardening - he did a good tidy-up of the bird patch yesterday afternoon and evening - straightened the feeder pole, weeded and dug the ground, trimmed back the wandering Japanese anemone - a much better view from the dining room now.  I am supposed to be working on the magazine, but will look through today's posts on here first.

    DIANE - thanks once again for the new week; another full moon already - doesn't seem possible!  So pleased to hear your hummingbird has arrived.

    ANNETTE - good to read that your colourful summer visitors have also arrived.  Wish I could still clear out garage and shed - and even the house.  I did weed out some books recently - now labelled in boxes waiting to go to Dau#1, "As-Nu" sale at J's church etc.  I already gave a bag of books to the hairdresser!  Have nominated some ornaments for bric-a-brac too. - have aske J to help pack them so they don't get rescued.

    RUSTY - hope the weeds are small enough to allow "gentle weeding" - I am sure they will be as you seem to keep your garden well-tended.

    CIRRUS - the young Starlings seem to be learning very fast this year - we have quite a few already able to forage for themselves - but still with the noisy accompanimant!

    Well, I ought to get on with what I should be doing - have a good day, everyone.

  • OG:  Sorry to read you're not at your best.  Hope it passes quickly. I'm determined that items marked for thrift stores won't be rescued.  Big dilemma though is what to do with some ornaments, etc, given to me oer the years that I'm not exactly mad about. 

    Rusty:  You  must be excited for your trip.  :-

    Cirrus: I'm finding that intolerance to high temps is something I'm experiencing more these last few years.  My ideal high temps are in the high 70s.

    Got lots done yesterday; make take a break from garage organizing for a day or too; I've noticed paper piles are growing wild in my OH's office....Sigh.

  • Good morning. It’s lovely and sunny again here. I am on the countdown to my holiday so it is house cleaning today now that I have got the garden sorted!!! 
    OG - so sorry to hear you have these funny episodes in the morning, it must be quite scary. Glad you are now able to get on with the magazine. Once a month is quite onerous isn’t it? As far as I recall, when my sister did her church magazine, it was quarterly. 
    Glad you are taking a break Annette. You have been very busy recently.
    Thinking of Lindy and wondering if her OH has an appointment today. 

  • Thank you to everyone who has been thinking of me, & my OH. Yes  he had his scan appointment today & all went to plan, as we arrived early in case of delays such as those we experienced last week. Of course, after the scan they tell you nothing & the results are presumably sent off for the Consultant to study. 

    We have begun to tell people, such as his sisters, that he has a health problem as its hard keeping it all under wraps. As he left the hospital this morning he met an old friend who was there for his wife affected by a stroke -- of course, he is now bound to tell a whole lot of other friends.

    Edit: We had a super day yesterday with the family as glorious sunshine meant we could all spill out into the garden & the children could run about. Plans to go to the playground were shelved & later, my OH said that he would have found it too much for him to go out. My cakes were demolished with gusto, after enjoying a salad buffet with pizza slices for the children.

    OG - I'm so sorry you've had a bad episode. I hope you can recover and enjoy the spring weather.

  • Hello, again.  A bit better today and plodding on with what we need to do.  Cleaners came today - they are each having holidays in June - one to Yorkshie and the other to Mexico I kow which I would prefer!  Not sure which weeks we shall actauly see them - I have asked the one who does ironing to give that priority over the cleaning as it is OH's nemesis and he never catches up with it.  J helped me sort bric a brac this morning, so that will be taken away on Wednesday after E-E has driven him to his MRI.

    LINDA - glad you have been able to share your news with some friends and relations - hope you can now remember who knows and who doesn't!  I hope you will soon have an update and diagnosis.