Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 12 May 2024


I hope everyone has or will have a chance to see the aurora. This G5 geomagnetic storm is making history as one of the three most powerful in modern times.

I have always wanted to see the aurora borealis, and it has been at the top of my bucket list for many years. Last night, the sky was overcast and rainy over my patch, although elsewhere in my area people took stunning photos of the glorious colors. Tonight, it's clear and the geomagnetic storm is even more intense. I have lingering pneumonia and raging infection, but I am determined to go outdoors around midnight and look for the lights. My land is spooky at night, because of the dark woods and the night creatures (coyotes, bobcats, bats, raccoons, barred owls...), but I WILL see the aurora!

I hope everyone has a good week!

Love and hugs to all.

  • Lindybird:  Have a safe trip home.

    Rusty:  Hope you took a book or crossword, etc., for that 90-minute wait.  But really!  Nothing like giving you more time to ramp up the anxiety!  Healthul wishes winging their way to you. 

    PatO:  We haven't seen the sun for days here what with the coastal cloud cover keeping everything cool - and just as I was getting used to gardening weather.

    I seem to have had an attack of the alliteratives tonight.  :-)

    Take care everyone.

  • Hi – it’s now Wednesday and we haven’t gone out.  I have missed a couple of days with a very painful shoulder – don’t know what caused it but I couldn’t use it to help move, get dressed. shower or anything useful.  It is slowly improving.

    DIANE – the usual thanks for the new week.  Sorry you are still so poorly – get better soon!  I hope you did finally get to see the aurora – I didn’t stay up for it, although there was a dull greenish tinge in the sky before I went to bed.

    RUSTY – is the birding holiday in the UK or abroad?  How bad to have the appointment cancelled after sitting there waiting for it!  Glad to see the outing went well yesterday.  Hope your appointment will really happen on Thursday.

    LINDA – the usual lovely first Poppy of the year!  Sorry the Ivy was aggressive in your tub in Wales.  Glad your OH appointment was brought forward to Friday – how long is he likely to wait for any results?  I do hope you can stop worrying soon – take care.  Sorry Bonnie did the usual dead-fish thing on your walk!

    ANNETTE – glad you and the family enjoyed brunch together.

    Our cleaners were back Monday after several weeks missed for various appointments, bank holiday etc. Yesterday I was miserable all day but E_E did a bit of garden pottering, including moving the tomato plants into the growbags.  Today, as mentioned, I am somewhat better, and he is sowing more salads in the cold frames.  First runner beans have come up in the small veg patch.  We should all three have had lunch out today, but with me having no shower and not properly dressed, we cancelled that and took food from the freezer – the shopping part of the trip was not essential.  I saw the first baby starling being fed this morning – almost as loud on its own as when they all descend and argue!

  • We are a long way down! Suddenly, as soon as OH's BP is stabilising the OT dept are on his case for discharge(he has hardly had the chance to walk yet).

    Apparently, some equipment is arriving today for help with shower, chair etc. A great surprise to me that OH is entitled to carers four times a day. I don't expect for very long.

    When he had his back surgery I did everything, including changing the dressing when the wound was infected.

     I hope everyone else with hospital appointments get satisfactory results and good news. Best wishes to all. Who was it who said "growing old is not for wimps"?

  • Well, my anxious wait is over and I am sending a picture of the iris which came out today in my garden to celebrate the fact that all is well!!! Phew!!! 3 weeks ago, I had my annual visit to the oncologist at which he said he intended to discharge me. He asked if I would like an examination. I said yes. He found something. He thought it was scar tissue but wanted to be sure so he ordered a breast ultrasound. That was the appointment I went to last Monday when the machine was broken and, having waited 90 minutes, got sent home, I have been again this morning. You can imagine how dreadfully anxious I was feeling. Anyway, the lovely doctor and radiologists tried to out me at my ease and the good news is that it is indeed scar tissue!!! I have had a horrid few weeks and have not really been able to look forward to my big holiday. I can now. 
    OG - the birding holiday is in Finland and Northern Norway!! Almost constant daylight! Cold however, so the fleece lined trousers and thermals have been washed!!! So sorry you had an off couple of days. Hope the pain in the shoulder has gone now. Your veg plot sounds promising and it is nice to see the baby birds being fed. On my visit to Burton Mere Wetlands on Tuesday with the group there was sad news. When I was there the previous week, the first avocet chicks had hatched out. Overnight, a badger (or badgers) had CLIMBED OVER  the electric fence and decimated the nest, chicks and the black headed gull ones too. 
    Rosy, it is good that your OH might be able to go home but, as you say, rather sudden. I hope all the help materialises and that it is, indeed, helpful. 
    Lindy - I will be thinking of you and your OH tomorrow. I can definitely imagine how you must be feeling. Fingers are crossed.

  • Rusty - so pleased all is well for you.  Horrible to have had that scress hanging over you for so long, but glad to hear you will be able to enjoy your holiday.  Sounds lovely.  I have only scratched the surface of both Finland and Norway - should be great for birds at this time of year.  Hope you have a wonderful time.  So sorry to hear about the avocet and black headed gull chicks.  Obviously not enough current running through that fence - or the badger's fur is too thick.  Love the iris - so vibrant.

    Rosy - I do hope the carers and other arrangements work out well for you and your OH.  You are absolutely right - growing old is definitely not for wimps.  That's why I have decided to stop at 27!  (if only ...)

    Lindy - Sending thoughts and prayers for you and your OH for the hospital appointment tomorrow.

  • Rusty:  Yay!  When are you off on vacation?  And for how long?

    Rosy: How long has your OH been in hospital?  Hope you can find carers in your area that your OH likes.  My BiL and niece had carers in when my sister was so ill.  They were all young guys from the Middle East with an occasional visit frorm the District Nurse.  They were very sweet, paid a pittance - they have to buy their own gas! - and refused extra money (not allowed to accept it) when we tried to give it to them.  Do hope your OH will improve quickly. 

    OG: Hope you're doing even better today; maybe  you can reschedule that lunch out?

    Still wondering how Diane is doing...

  • Thanks Annette - I go on holiday a week tomorrow and it is for almost 3 weeks!!!! Yes. I keep thinking about Diane too. Despite the broken down machine on Monday, it is at times like this that I feel so fortunate to have the NHS. 

    Pat - that’s the conclusion the people at Burton have come to. Either the current wasn’t strong enough or then badgers fur was too thick. They are all devastated though as a lot of work by volunteers had gone on this winter to, supposedly, improve the fences. 

  • You have been through the mill Rusty, glad you are now able to look forward to your holiday.  What a shame about the avocet chicks.....I have never seen an avocet but they look to be lovely birds.  What a shame the badgers didn't find anything else for supper. preferable not living.