Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 12 May 2024


I hope everyone has or will have a chance to see the aurora. This G5 geomagnetic storm is making history as one of the three most powerful in modern times.

I have always wanted to see the aurora borealis, and it has been at the top of my bucket list for many years. Last night, the sky was overcast and rainy over my patch, although elsewhere in my area people took stunning photos of the glorious colors. Tonight, it's clear and the geomagnetic storm is even more intense. I have lingering pneumonia and raging infection, but I am determined to go outdoors around midnight and look for the lights. My land is spooky at night, because of the dark woods and the night creatures (coyotes, bobcats, bats, raccoons, barred owls...), but I WILL see the aurora!

I hope everyone has a good week!

Love and hugs to all.

  • Diane - Looking forward to hearing all about it.  There are some stunning photographs taken just a few miles from me, but I missed it. 

  • Thank you DIANE for starting us. It is high time you recovered. {{{HUGS}}} A quick look outside tonight and do not make your infection worse.

    Today is Mother’s Day DownUnder. Best wishes for all mothers wherever you are.

    Dau & Trio visited yesterday. The girls gave me homemade cards with their own personal messages. Delightful. Dau knows her mother – a box of Lindt assorted!

  • Diane:  Lingering pneumonia and a raging infection?  Sounds like the infection is secondary to the pneumonia. Doesn't sound good. How are you coping?  Are you having to get yourself into town for groceries, etc??   Meanwhile, wrap up when you go outside to see the lights.

    AQ:  Mothers' Day here tomorrow.  Daughter presented me with a spectacular deep magenta orchid. A really beautiful plant; very dramatic.  She, granddaughter and Ms. D are coming for brunch tomorrow.  Lindt makes great chocolate - enjoy!

    Take care all!

  • Thank you DIANE for starting us off. Do take care x

    ROSY- I empathise with your OH. I have the same problem with low blood pressure. Now taking steroids and must drink at least 2-3 litres of fluid each day so that they will improve the BP. Also have been told to take extra salt for the same reason. 

    LINDY - You sound very worried about your OH - sending hugs...

    I have lots of replies in my head - let's hope that they make it to my fingers before long !

  • Diane - thank you for starting us off. I really really hope you got to see the aurora. It sounds as if you needed it. I don’t like the sound of your continuing pneumonia and the infection. Have you been able to see a medical person? Sending hugs. 
    Glad Annette and AQ have had some nice Mother’s Day presents. 
    Heather - glad you have got advice re low blood pressure. Keep up the regime although it must be hard at times.

    I had a successful day yesterday with my car valeting and garden pottering. I have decided the plants in the conservatory now have to go out for the summer. They survived the night!!! It sounds as if they might get battered by a storm later although I have tucked them away under bushes!!! I am having a quieter day today making lists for my upcoming holiday. I am off in just under 2 weeks. Guess what? It is a birding one!!!! I will give more details nearer the time. 

  • Thank you to Diane for starting us off again. I really don't like the sound of your health, Diane- are you on strong meds for that?

  • I typed but it's all over the place when it comes out! Discombobulating!

    Heather thank for worrying about my OH - -  it doesn't look too good, but I will update everyone when we get a diagnosis in a week..... He is quietly worrying so as not to worry me, and I'm ditto!  We haven't told anyone in the family yet until we know what ails him.

    AQ and Annette - Enjoy your Mother's Day.

    We are going out to lunch at my OHs favourite place for a Sunday. A distraction. We just did  some gardening here as I have a tub by the door which is supposed to be "a riot of colour" but is actually totally green as a violently vigorous ivy has taken over!

    It makes me grieve for our garden at home, where a whole lot of things were blooming as we left!

  • My first poppy of the year... pic taken as we left home.

  • Well here in East Suffolk I have set an alarm and got up for the last 2 nights but failed to see any of the lights - however there is so much posted online that I feel like I was there!

    So sorry to hear that you, Diane have not recovered. I lost almost a stone in weight the first time i had pneumonia and was left weak and tired for months so please make sure you get the right treatment and don't  worry about anything else other than recovery.

    To all with ailments - either themselves or nearest and dearest I wish you healing and recovery.

    I've been fence painting and need to get another tin from the hardware shop so I can finish.

    Have a good week and take care all.

  • Well, that was a week ti remember - or maybe to forget!  Ended with lunch at the Old Toll Bar Saturday then the three of us called in at a "new" local market - not brilliant, mostly jewellery and things that would gather dust around the house.  We did buy some excellent honey and iresistable scottish tablet - O, and I bought OH a Lupin as they are one of his favourite plants (he can keep it in a big pot this summer, then I hope he will move it to the perennials bed which is due for a big sort-out come autumn).  Still summerish weather here, but possibly changing this evening (was scheduled fpr 3pm but now quoted for a bit later)

    Went to church this morning, now having another catch-up in the study (me) and kitchen (him)  He is also going to cut J's hair today But running out of day - I see tis already 3pm!.