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Asha & Brodie

The partnership has matured this season, with Asha continuing her good female role (and she loves nest-building) and Brodie being more reliable, both fishing and incubating.

The pair have fought their way thru all kinds of nasty weather - snow, wind and rain - and intruders, including the dreaded KL5 Klive, have been a nuisance but not dangerous...

so far.

21 April @ 10:47

24 April @ 14:06

27 April @ 13:27




Sadly, the month of May heralded irresistible aggression from BlueKL5 "Klive", who had ruined the end of last season for the 2 juvies.

Within the first 2 days Klive had driven Brodie from the area (tho Brodie did return a couple of times to dive-bomb Klive, to no effect) and destroyed the eggs.  He commenced to woo Asha clumsily, selfishly and inappropriately, as can be seen from the following pages.


  • A very pretty looking Woodie.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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    As mentioned in Clywedog, my new telly arrived this afternoon - I've been thru hell and am utterly exhausted so will have to catch up... probably in the early hours of tomorrow - plus ça change!


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    Klive brought a big tasselled stick to the nest, he was there 08:50-08:58 and 09:35-09:53 and in the end tipped the stick just over the edge, so that it could never fulfill its purpose - shame!

    Fly-off per PTZ:


    He'd flown straight (but not necessarily as the crow flies) to the sawn-off old nest tree, where he stayed preening till 10:10.


    No more sightings of anyone whatsoever - according to ME!

    Look what happened for a brief period late evening - I wonder what caused it so late?





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    10 July

    Klive arrived at the nest at 05:07, left and returned some time later and is still on the nest perch.

    Moments prior to first departure (one just cannot resist a poop shot, and this was a very substantial one):


    (Yes, I have forgotten the times again - but really, do they matter?)

    Packing up now, SYAL xxx





  • What happened   !  ? Sorry Scylla  I don't know what I'm supposed to be seeing

  • Cirrus, I think Scylla was referring to the odd light at that time of day.  I guess it might be the setting sun which is still well towards the north north west at the moment.  We are used to seeing the rising nun to the centre left of the screen from nest cam.  It clearly was a brief spell, possibly beneath dark clouds.

    Found on a web site, at Abernethy:  Dawn: 03:39  Sunrise: 04:35  Sunset: 22:01  Dusk: 22:58

    Klive landed on the nest at 07.34 having left the nest perch at 05.38.  He pottered and nestorised on a very wet start to the day.  The forecast suggested it might get worse.  

    08.01 he popped up to the nest perch.

    08.52 it's been raining and he drops to the nest and broke some twigs off various sticks.

    09.02 Klive flew off.

    12.23  PTZ remained on the nest, until a woodie appeared and it zoomed in until it flew at 12.24.

    12.55 cam scanned the wet bog area, and back at 12.56

    13.07 woodie returned.  It was just perched on the perch in the pouring rain.

    13.22 it played peek-a-boo before flying off

    14.43 cam stayed on the nest, until 14.43, when it found an unringed osprey on Odin's perch.  I'm pretty sure it's not Asha.  It looks a bit nervous, and I can't see the usual white oblong on the top of her head because of the wet feathers.

    15,26 unringed osprey is still on Odin's perch

    S/he starts to look edgy

    and gets ready

    15.51 to fly off

    Current view with the rain

    Birdie's DU Summaries 2018   https://www.imagicat.com/

  • 16.16     An osprey lands on the nest, looking around.  Cam zooms in. Osprey starts intruder chipping.

    16.18     It intruder intruder calls (cheek!) and mantles.  PTZ zooms in.  The intruder on the nest is Blue 047, who also intruded on 24 April.  Did we ever get anything further on this bird?

    16.18     Unringed osprey is back on the dead tree near the PTZ, presumably the offending bird causing  047 to call.

    Birdie's DU Summaries 2018   https://www.imagicat.com/

  • Blue 047 is from Moray, born 2021

  • Thank you Holly. I missed that. Do you know the sex?

    Birdie's DU Summaries 2018   https://www.imagicat.com/

  • Ooops, sorry, yes he's a male x