LOCH GARTEN 2024 - May to end of season


Thread for April 2024

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Asha & Brodie

The partnership has matured this season, with Asha continuing her good female role (and she loves nest-building) and Brodie being more reliable, both fishing and incubating.

The pair have fought their way thru all kinds of nasty weather - snow, wind and rain - and intruders, including the dreaded KL5 Klive, have been a nuisance but not dangerous...

so far.

21 April @ 10:47

24 April @ 14:06

27 April @ 13:27




Sadly, the month of May heralded irresistible aggression from BlueKL5 "Klive", who had ruined the end of last season for the 2 juvies.

Within the first 2 days Klive had driven Brodie from the area (tho Brodie did return a couple of times to dive-bomb Klive, to no effect) and destroyed the eggs.  He commenced to woo Asha clumsily, selfishly and inappropriately, as can be seen from the following pages.