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Three beautiful eggs were laid from mid-April, with the final one arriving almost 10 hours later than NC0’s usual 72 hour 'cycle'.

Both Laddie and NC0 have had to defend the nest from many 'passing through' intruders. Could Laddie’s defence of the reserve be the reason why there has been no sighting of him on the webcam since early lunchtime on the 28th? There were a few occasions where there was a high likelihood that he may have been in NC0’s sight since then though, her loud fish calls alerted us to that probable fact.

With NC0’s last meal being delivered on the 27th, we can only hope that Laddie arrives home not only fit and well, but also with a well-deserved fish for such an amazing female Osprey – her endeavours to keep the eggs protected, warm and dry during his absence, have been truly remarkable!

As I write, it has been just over 60 hours without Laddie at the nest and we now wait, in anticipation, for a positive start to this new month...

*UPDATED 4.5.23: Heartbroken to report, that there was very sadly no positive news forthcoming regarding our dear Laddie...


Nest Updates

Arrival dates:  NC0(16) - 8.3.24 (17:52)  Laddie (LM12) - 27.3.24 (16:38)  RIP Laddie (LM12) - remains found 3.5.24  Broken heart

Eggs laid:  Egg #1 - 17.4.24 (10:48)  Egg #2 - 20.4.24 (10:53)  Egg #3 - 23.4.24 (20:47)   

*Two eggs were destroyed on 7.5.24; the third one on 8.5.24, by an unringed, Pale Male Osprey. All were deemed unviable due to being chilled and left for long periods without incubation 


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