LOCH GARTEN - April 2024

(I am starting a new thread for April because, for sad personal reasons, Korky cannot be with us until further notice so the March title cannot be edited.)

Please read Korky's comprehensive March 2024 intro.

Asha and Brodie

Last year they arrived on 04 and 14 April respectively.

The end of the 2023 season was marred by the aggressive intrusion of BlueKL5 "Klive" (thank you, Fergus).  We have no idea if the 2 youngsters were fit to migrate.

We haven't heard anything from HQ but it appears that the cams are not quite ready, despite snaps being posted to Facebook 10 days ago together with a query about the lack of IR for the third year in a row - and the streaming is unsteady and unreliable.  When LG issued a warning about a delay to the opening of the season, it seemed to refer only to the Visitor Centre.


The PTZ now

Quote RSPB YT Channel: When the Loch Garten Nature Centre opens on April 15th, this camera is controlled by the centre staff during work hours, so please be gracious if you find it staring at an empty tree! The birds react quicker than the staff are sometimes able.


  • Like SheilaFE I also look for Asha's spotted bloomers.  She has many, many more spots under her wings whereas Brodie underwing is white.  The main thing I look for is what I call the "tree trunk" immediately above Asha's beak.  It looks like she has a "tree" on her forehead, with the tree having a pronounced "tree trunk" whereas Brodie has a V shape marking on his forehead.

    Take a look at scylia's photo of Asha below.  The "tree trunk" is really noticeable.  It stands out even in the distance when Asha is on the nest.

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    13 April

    Asha's final nest visit - I'm posting it because I seem to remember her doing a disappearing act on us last season, so thought I'd put this on the record.  I've probably totally misremembered!


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    14 April

    Asha's arrival 04:44 - Lots of waiting, eventually Brodie arrives and aborts mating attempt without really trying ???

    Arrival snap taken before I knew I'd do a vid:

    Successful mating:


    Brodie seems to get distracted ???



  •   super thank you I will look out for these markings now.  I absolutely love being able to identify I individual osprey which in the beginning I thought would be beyond me.

  • 8:46 to 9:13 a pesky crow was playing chicken with Asha

  • Here are their underwings:

    Brodie has no spots.  Asha has lots of spots - 2 photos of them.


  • It's still windy and fishing must be difficult.  I quick skip suggests Brodie hasn't been around much today, possibly trying to fish.  The crow(s) has been annoying, but Asha was amazingly calm about them.

    She was losing a feather

    They have some super soft furnishing this year!

    17.33 Asha suddenly became very alert, eyes piercing and she took off quickly.  As she disappeared we could hear a brief alarm call, but I think I also heard sky dancing??  Most odd.

    17.38 She returned with quite a call, landing on the perch, head low, watching around her.

    17.51 and wish a double chirrup she dropped to the nest.

    I wonder whether she has seen Brodie.  She remains quiet however, so perhaps not.

    Birdie's DU Summaries 2018   https://www.imagicat.com/

  • April 14, 2024 - Day complete

    Fish:  18:19:52, 20:13:11

    Mating:  5:22 F, 5:42 S, 5:54 F, 6:15 F, 12:32 F, 15:54 F, 18:34 F (while Asha was in a tree trying to eat!!)

    The (S)uccess or (F)ailure indication is purely my untrained observation.  

    1 S, 6 F

  • Well done Brodie. Perhaps the wind has eased a little, but there has also rain to compound d the difficulty of fishing.  With two fish in relatively  short succession, she won't  be too hungry until later tomorrow.  From this evening's  forecast it's  not going to be much better u till later  in the week.

    Birdie's DU Summaries 2018   https://www.imagicat.com/

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    14 April

    Bits and pieces

    Half-hearted rainbow but, briefly, a beautiful golden evening: