Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 31 March 2024


I hope everyone has a good week! I wish a nice Easter to those who celebrate the holiday.

Remember when I heard that big squawk last week? I thought it might be the Great Blue Heron. But it wasn't. It was the big male Pileated Woodpecker, with his glorious red head. This year, the pair is nesting in the woods right across from my front door! I was so happy to see them. They have always been revered birds in my family. 

Love and hugs to everyone! Welcome back, LINDY. It was nice to see LIMPY last week! 

  • Hey, folks. Sorry I started the thread early tonight. I was getting ready to listen to the basketball game. I'm following the national college basketball tournament this year. It"s a BIG deal here in the Midwest--a much beloved tradition--and tonight is one of the most important games. LOL

  • ANNETTE: I just saw the SoCal flooding. Hope you're okay tonight.

  • DIANE – Thank you for starting us off. Great news that your feathered friends have returned and maybe GBH is not far. Hey, you never start too early for me; it’s 2.15 pm now and 30 C here by the cool beach and 34 C in the city. Showers promised tomorrow – I’ll believe it when it happens!

  • Masses of rain, but no flooding in our immediate area.  Enjoy the basketball; my OH has been keeping half an eye on it (but don't ask me anything about it).  And of course - thank YOU for starting us off.

  • Thank you Diane. HAPPY EASTER to everyone. I am very pleased about your woodpecker. I looked it up. It is indeed very handsome. 
    AQ - I hope your cool weather comes soon.

    We had a dry day here yesterday and I had a good session in the garden pruning a bush. I think I told you that the man who usually comes couldn’t because he is awaiting a cataract operation and can’t drive. At least my efforts are making the garden look tidier. I finished half way through a bush yesterday so I plan to go out and complete the job this morning. Rain is forecast for the week so I may cut the grass too if I can find the energy.

    I have bought a duck breast for a treat for dinner tonight as it is Easter. Then I will eat the ears of the chocolate rabbit my sister and brother in law bought me!!!! 

  •  HAPPY EASTER Everyone! Enjoy your bunny ears, Rusty! Its sunny here and my OH has been at the allotment planting his potatoes. We had turkey dinner last night, as we had some in the freezer from Christmas to enjoy later. 

    We heard from the furniture shop yesterday that our new sofa & chair have not arrived in their warehouse as expected - they were due to be delivered here next Wednesday and we've been counting the days. My OH is beginning to get a bad back from slumping in a curved garden chair. When we ordered it, we asked for delivery after our holiday as there wasn't time to get it beforehand. Now we're thinking of watching TV in bed!! Ugh!

  • Diane, good to hear about your woodpecker pair nesting. I hope its a successful nest & you can enjoy watching them this season. 

    OG -- Happy Birthday! I hope you're having a pleasant day. I don't know why, but in my mind your birthday was at the end of April. You've had a bit of up and down lately, so I am wishing you a more of an even keel in the future.

  • OG – Happy Birthday. Last post I saw from you, you were not well. I hope you are feeling better.

    RUSTY – It IS cooler today! Expecting 23 C. Bliss.

    LINDA – Thanks for the daffs. My sutumn flowering gladioli did try but most of the spikes dried out in the heat before flowering. Bleah.

    Crazy night with OH wandering around not knowing whether he wanted to sleep in bed or chair or what. He asked for a smaller pillow, I found a flat cushion. He was cold, he was not. I feel this morn like a wrung-out dishrag. And don’t tell me it’s going to get worse. I know that.