Alyth is located in Perth and Kinross on the east coast of Scotland.

The Osprey nest is at the Alyth SSEN Transmission sub station and is the tallest of all the nests on camera in the UK.

Background information:-

The Ospreys have nested at the site for many years since around 1990.

They were nesting on a nearby electricity tower, but due to a planned expansion of the site a decision was taken to resite the old nest to a specially constructed 25-metre nesting tower and two nearby 8.5 metre resting perches, which were erected in 2014. Advice was sought from Roy Dennis.

Since that first breeding season in 2014, a total of 17 osprey chicks have been observed to have fledged from the new site.

Due to the height of the tower, no ringing can take place.

The resident ospreys are called Harry and Flora (blue HK0), named by a local school in Alyth. All pupils were also given their own osprey soft toy as a thank you from the teams for getting involved and for showing such enthusiasm about the ospreys.

In 2023 Flora HK0 arrived on 30th March and Harry on 4th April. Together, they successfully raised three chicks to fledging.

Flora was last seen on 10th August and Harry 7th September. (The camera stream was offline from 13- 23 August) 

Thank you Richard for initial information which I’ve edited to include last year’s figures. 


August 2023 to February 2024

Live stream - SSEN Transmission as provided by Wildlife Windows


Flora (Blue HK0) 28 March 19.19

Harry 29 March 14.40


15/04/24 at 11.01 ———————-Hatched 21 or 22/05/24

18/04/23 at 09.04 (I think!) ————--Hatched 23/05/24

21/04/23 sometime in the morning. ————Hatched 26/05/24

All photos and videos copyright SSEN Transmission Alyth and Wildlife Windows

Harry (left) and Flora HK0 at the beginning of season 2023.