Dyfi Osprey Project 2024

Dyfi Osprey Project 2024

We have some (provisional) dates for opening this year.

Bore da
Some general information for you:

1. The Dyfi Wildlife Centre opens on 1st March. That's less than three weeks away!
2. We'll be open Wednesdays - Sundays until the end of March, then every day until September - around 160 days straight.
3. We're working on the DOP cameras and should have live streaming for you by around 20th March.
4. Car Park improvements are underway and our entrance and caffi decking work is almost done.
5. 360 Observatory improvements are on-going; we'll hopefully be ready by 1st March. Will look totally different.

Dyfi birds normally return around the first week of April.
As normal we will be looking out for the return of our adults Telyn and Idris.
It will be very interesting to see any "new" visitors to the nest. There are now several Osprey nests in Wales on private land that are producing young that have not been ringed. This means that un-ringed birds now may be Welsh-born, rather than Scottish as we have presumed in past years.

Work this winter has been on maintaining the buildings and the reserve.
We have removed some trees near the observatory to restore the wetland landscape and it will be interesting to see that develope.