News from other Nests - 2024

This thread is for Osprey nests that don't warrant a thread of their own, and for other raptor nests of interest, in an effort to keep Osprey threads to a minimum for the sake of other Community members.



Southwest Florida Eagle Cam
Courtesy of ©Dick Pritchett Real Estate
©Southwest Florida Eagle Cam Foundation

Hancock Forum for very close coverage of the nest.

From KORKY's introductory post for the 23-24 SWFL season:

"This is the first season with M15 & new mate F23. F23 was first documented in the area Summer 2023 before officially bonding with M in October 2023.
The original adult bald eagle pair, known as Ozzie and Harriet, had been coming to this nest since 2006. After Ozzie’s passing in the early fall of 2015, Harriet & M15 bonded in late fall of 2015. After eighth seasons as a mated pair, Harriet never returned to the nest in Feb. 2023 and M successfully raised their young E21 & E22 to fledge.'
F23 has just laid her first egg


F23 has 2 eggs and one appears to be about to hatch!... So I'm starting the new thread a couple of days early.  I don't know who is currently incubating.