LOCH GARTEN - August 2022 to end of season

July 2022 thread

Our Osprey family

"Axel", Blue AX6(16) male (yes he does have strong chest markings), a single chick (possibly from 3 eggs) hatched Glen Affric, near Beauly, seen Lossiemouth 2020, then at LG in 2021

"Asha"- Female - Unringed - partnered Axel in 2021.

Axel & Asha (as "Mistle") fled the nest May 2021 due to unknown intruders.

HATCH #1 - 11 June @ 05:30

HATCH #2 - 13 June @ 04:11 (first sighting)

AT RINGING - Quote RSPB Abernethy Facebook "The male BLUE 1C2 is thought to be the older one at 1.5kgs with the female BLUE 1C1 being the younger one at 1.5kgs."

RSPB Video Channel - Osprey, Goshawk, Barn Owls: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl8QdQ9ZaBT65tF1yOmbMBQ

All pictures & videos ©RSPB LochGarten & WildlifeWindows 



  • Asha must have stayed on the perch all night:

    (Originally posted last night's snap in error, this is the right one.)

    Asha was on the nest just now, it looked as tho all 3 were expecting a fish... but it came to nothing, Asha has flown.

    Currently the sun is making it difficult to distinguish details.


  • Asha was on the nest when I firstt looked in but then flew Kids have been exercising and 1C2, I think, did a high helicopter
  • In reply to scylla:

    Testing the front fence now:

    10:20 there was an intruder episode, the kids pancaked, no-one could be seen and I couldn't hear chipping.

    10:36 Asha flew in with something very small afoot, she stayed, fish-called for a short while, then the trio embarked on a mega preening session, ongoing.


  • Morning to who may be here, very surprised things are working well and fast here today! Shame I can't say the same for the Monday chores! August now, soon our chicks will be fledging and away, my, how the season flies (no pun intended) we can enjoy them for a few weeks yet, hopefully the lens will stay clear as well! SYAL

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • In reply to Catlady:

    More helicopters from 1C1 - 1C2 is just watching.


  • FISH !!! !!! !!!

    Altho...it warrants only about half an exclamation mark :(((

    I'm trying to get 5 minutes' peace to do a helicoptering vid.


  • In reply to scylla:

    scylla said:
    .it warrants only about half an exclamation mark

    At the end of this video (which includes helicoptering and a couple of sample sticks from Asha) you can clearly see that the fish, contrary to its appearance in the above snap, was whole!