MANTON BAY - AUGUST 2022 to end of FEBRUARY 2023

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    Karen W said:
    Morning ALL

    GLIDER - yes the chicks do set off before the chicks from other nests being older. However unlike the other females, Maya does not leave first and tends to stay until all the chicks have left. She remains with 33 who defends and sees to some nest maintenance getting ready for next year.

    Thanks Karen. It’s so interesting how each family has its own way in doing things.

  • Morning ALL

    07:59   33 arrives with a lovely big fish for the girls

    1H1 takes it

    08:40  1H1 with the fish. 

    09:04  1H2 now with the fish. 1H3 seems to have picked up a fish piece from somewhere?

    09:20   1H2 still with the fish

    09:49   1H2 flies off with the fish  

    © Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust


    Busy day, catch up later  BFN

  • Cannot get either camera Just the whirly rings
  • Hi Karen, you’ve not been around today so thought I’d quickly post a few photos before they’re lost through scroll back. I wasn’t able to view early morning when the big fish are usually brought in but you’ll be pleased to know all your girls got at least 1 small fish each!

    1H3 with a little perch

    1H1 with her fish

    1H2 with hers.

    1H1 with a late supper, a live perch. Images a bit blurry with fading light. 

    Maya on the nest early morning.

    33 waiting patiently with a fish for one of his girls. 

  • ENS One of the sisters was onthe nest about 2 hours ago but nothing was forthcoming so she flew
  • Visits to the nest becoming less frequent and shorter now as the youngsters can carry their fish off to eat elsewhere. The day of departure is approaching
  • Morning ALL and thanks Glider for the updates also Patily and Alan.

    Much appreciated as unfortunately I have quite a bit on just now and toiling to follow / update on the nest

    However, quick scroll back and here are some captures from this morning

    05:53  1H1 was on the nest fish calling

    05:59  Maya joins 1H1 and does some nest work

    06:58  33 arrives with a fish and quickly grabbed by 1H1

    1H1 guards her fish

    07:57  All still here - 1H2 and 1H3 stand by as 1H1 continues to tuck in

    L-R    1H2,   1H1 and  1H3

    08:01  1H2 takes the fish from 1H1 who has now finished

    1H2 tucks in as 1H3 waits

    08:21  1H3 has crept forward as 1H2 is finished but holds on to the fish 

    and sadly for 1H3,  1H2 flies off with it

    08:49  1H3 continues to fish call 

    08:52  33 brings 1H3 her own fish :-)

    1H3 tucks in

    09:29  1H3 flies off

    © Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust

    Great to see all the family still here and each fed this morning.

    Catch up soon   BFN

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    Hi Karen, you’re welcome for the updates, I thought maybe something was up so thought I could help. Yes, at times it’s tricky fitting everything in but like Alan says, this nest will be empty soon and then there’ll be times we’re wondering what to do with ourselves!! Lol
  • Thanks Karen, glad they are all still here for now.
  • 16:19   33 arrives with a fish for 1H3

    16;20  1H3 flies off with the fish

    16:22   33 arrives with another fish

    Maya arrives and grabs the fish

    16:22   Maya flies off with the fish

    © Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust