Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 31 July 2022

  • My window cleaner comes approximately every six weeks and the seagulls usually visit shortly afterwards !
    I hope that PAT is coping OK with Covid.
    Things can't be easy, OG, as I know that routine is important to you three. I've become much more relaxed about things but I am in a different situation. Even so, I am not as,relaxed as my dear friend in Wales. She can say ' I'll cross that bridge when I come to it'. I just can't think that way, however hard I try .
    Waiting for two daughters to collect me for shopping. Have a good day, everyone .

  • LINDA – pleased to see that Bonnie’s ears have recovered – I’m afraid Spaniel ears always cause problems – don’t get much fresh air in them!

    LYNETTE – Thanks for your kind thoughts. J saw the optician yesterday and new correct glasses are now on order – using some old frames to reduce cost. Two job interviews next week – both wanted him the same afternoon, which is not possible with public transport! Enjoy your weekend away with your daughter!

    OH did well with starting to clear and clean the deck yesterday. Hope to continue today – will also need a temporary move of bird feeding station to reduce pooing on the clean deck!
  • Heather - Thank you for your kind thoughts. I'm doing fine. I think I have got off fairly lightly. Lots of coughing and sneezing, nose and eyes like a trio of taps, very tired but not able to sleep because coughing wakes me up! A bit of brain fog - I have a regular e-mail which I need to send out on Thursday eveninga. I went to bed last night and woke up with a start a couple of hours later realising it was Thursday! It went off before midnight. I console myself that it's a well known effect of Covid! Definitely on the mend. Something I would not recommend to anyone who has Covid, though - do not try to cash in an insurance policy (an hour and a half!) or change your Sky account (two and a half hours!) No wonder I'm tired!! Nothing's easy ...

    I'm fortunate my windows get cleaned regularly. Outside every couple of months and inside twice a year. As you say, Heather, either birds or Saharan dust arrive very shortly afterwards. Although they were done about three weeks ago and are still sparkling.

    We haven't had any rain in my far-south home since - apparently - the Millennium weekend. We have had the odd shower, but nothing of any scale. Our hosepipe ban starts next Friday - after which it will probably rain constantly for a month!

    Hoping everyone is coping with the things life continues to throw at them.
  • Pat, sorry you're suffering- hope you improve now. It sounds much like my experience.

    Quiet on here, as it often is at weekend, which isn't here yet!

    My OH finally got a letter from the hospital regarding his recent scan. It says "We found nothing to be of concern & will be returning you to the care of your GP". A relief to me, and my OH is triumphant- - he said "I told you so!" as he said he is fine, in spite if having had pains throughout our cruise and worrying me to death! He must have been worried enough to go to the docs in the first place, but maybe it was just an infection. Ho hum.
  • Today I took a whole bagful of old coins to a jewellers. They claimed to have advice about such things, and I had so many lying around in boxes which were inherited from my parents. My father had bought commemorative coins with Churchill on them, and some remembering HM the Queens Silver Jubilee. Plus whole sets of brand new Decimal currency when it came out. (Remember that?!) I came away with a ten pound note, as he said that most of them were worth only about 25 p each!! But he gave me a £5 note for one teeny tiny coin, which was a 1902 one third of a farthing!!!!!! Most odd.

    Glad to get rid of them all as don't want my children to have extra stuff to deal with one day when I'm no more.
  • On a more cheerful note .....

  • I hope LYNETTE is enjoying her weekend escape.

    RUSTY – I am a follower of a little old lady I knew some 30 years ago. She blithely said “When I get up in the morning and I can’t see through the windows, I just say “isn’t it foggy today!’”

    HEATHER – Exciting shopping or mundane food shop?

    OG - Good news of J’s interviews. . . but Murphy’s Law strikes again with both same time! Sorry to see you have been a wee bit grumpy.

    PAT – Glad to see you surface but please don’t do too much too soon.

    LINDA – Great news re OH’s tests, such a relief. Springer cartoon LOL.

    I have not heard from Dau for a few days. I am reluctant to phone in case she is sleeping. I shall email her later today. Obviously OH & I remain healthy. Phew! Covid is getting too close. Friend & I want to have coffee & chat, so she suggests we both stay home for 5 days isolating before meeting. As if. . . yesterday I had a sudden visit to chemist; somehow, I had miscalculated and one of OH’s meds finished, another only a week’s supply left. I am failing – I usually get repeats 2 weeks ahead.

  • Good Morning. Dry here, and trying to be sunny! I'm still in bed, and just had a visit from a very excited Springer Spaniel, who had got up the stairs (forbidden) whilst my OH was in the loo & not looking. :-)

    AQ -- Keeping track of two peoples meds is a pain - one of us always seems to be on the point of running out of something. Some of the chemists here do deliver, and one day I may take them up on it, to solve the problem. Still have to remember to order them though!
  • In reply to aquilareen:

    aquilareen said:
    yesterday I had a sudden visit to chemist; somehow, I had miscalculated and one of OH’s meds finished, another only a week’s supply left. I am failing – I usually get repeats 2 weeks ahead.

    Awh!  AQ, do not be so hard on yourself Bless you. Tis understandable to be forgetful, when you have  several,others, you are trying to care for, as well as 'normal (' Ha!) day to day to maintenance.

    Hugs and Prayers winging to you.