Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 3 July 2022


I hope everyone has a healthy, safe, and joyful week!

I had a pack of coyotes on my patch today--very close to the house. I think they appeared because a mother raccoon was relocating her babies from one nest to a new one. They have reached "fledgling" age (to use a bird term). The sow raccoon birthed her babies late this year. Normally, the young would be older by this time.

All of the wildlife are in a quandary because it's the July 4th holiday weekend, and everyone is shooting off fireworks. 

Take care, all.

  • HEATHER: I hope your brother will improve rapidly and be able to eat and sleep well. Strength to him. 

    LINDY: I read your dream with interest. Umbrellas protect one from the elements--the heavy rains, hail, etc. In your dream, the hundreds of umbrellas kept multiplying. I'd guess that you're anticipating or are worried about impending trouble, hardship, or adversity. I know you've been worried about your health (ongoing fatigue after covid, weakness in your knees, etc.). Maybe that's the source of your concern. Nobody ever gave me a psychology degree, though (LOL). Take care of yourself, my friend. 

    ANNETTE: I hope all of the issues can get resolved in the best possible way. Sending you strength. You are in such an awful position, being pulled in different directions by all of the framily obligations. I'm so sorry.

  • DIANE – Thank you being “on the ball” for us. However I would like to protest at the shortness of weeks nowadays!

    HEATHER - Hope you have better news from Brother soon.

    ANNETTE - Hope you resolve your dilemma, wanting to be in 2 places at once.

    LINDA – Yesterday was the first day I felt cold, I froze all day. It was mostly 11 C but it did manage a brief 13. Today is just as cold.

    Even less people at church this morn than last Sunday; too cold to get out of bed perhaps. I watched some of the Tour de France late last night but, botheration, I fell asleep before they rode over the Nyborg Bridge, though I did see it in the distance. I get vertigo (or whatever) just thinking about driving on a bridge that long!

  • AQ: I know. I wish I could stop the weeks from getting shorter! Where do they go?

  • HARELADY: I was so very happy to hear that you've been able to semi-retire by shortening your work week. I hope your life will be more enjoyable now!

  • In reply to aquilareen:

    aquilareen said:
    I watched some of the Tour de France late last nigh

    You ahead of me, we will watch ( I will try, as unfortunately have had a Thrombosis in right eye), at coffee time, recorded highlights, but already looking good Race.Love these fantastic bikes used these days, much better than the old Three gear Sturmey Archer CHOL:):)

    Thoughts and Prayers for everyone,especially Annette. Bless you all.


  • KATE – I discovered by chance that there was a “replay” today after lunch. So I did get to see & “cross” the bridge. However I noted that the part I had already seen, omitted the churches & scenery. Ouch for your eye.

  • OG – Restoration of the ship “City of Adelaide” (aka HMS Carrick) continues with news of a model.

  • Haha, Lindy - many of us (including me!) will be grateful for that :)

    Just come back from a lovely church picnic - not my church, but my friend's church, which is just across the road from where I live. The picnic/barbecue was in the garden of a large house next door to my home. The sun shone, there must have been about eighty people there, delicious Pimm's, even more delicious barbecued sausages, chicken and burgers and several different sorts of salad. Followed by 'just one Cornetto' - although I could have had a second if I had any room left! Lovely to sit in a beautiful garden in the sunshine, eating lovely food, with lots of people I knew, many of whom I hadn't seen for ages, so good to catch up. And now I'm watching Cameron Norrie at Wimbledon. And I actually managed to get to my own church this morning instead of visiting so many others, which I normally do on a Sunday. What better way to spend a sunny summer Sunday????? And in a couple of days I have been invited to a 'garden cream tea'. I had a choice of that or my regular Tuesday Keep Fit session. Now come on, be honest - which would you choose?!?!?

    Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday. Thinking of Heather, and hoping for good news about her brother. And thinking of Annette, with some really difficult decisions to make and some tough family situations to cope with. And thinking of Harelady as she starts her first 'part-time week' - hope you have plans to do something really special on those special 'free' days.
  • In reply to Pat O:

    Pat - that sounds like a really lovely Sunday and another garden cream tea to look forward to in the week too. Lifting your cup of tea to your mouth will the the equivalent of a keep fit session surely!!!!
    AQ - I am a big fan of the Tour de France too and love watching the long version of I can where you see all the chateaux and churches. Mostly though I watch the highlights. That bridge in Denmark yesterday was very impressive,
    Harelady - enjoy your first week of semi retirement. I hope you have something special planned for your first “day off”
    Heather - hope there has been some more encouraging news about your brother.
    Annette - thinking of you as you make difficult decisions,.
    Diane - thank you for starting us off. I don’t think I would be happy with coyotes so near my house!!!
    I had a very pleasant woodland walk this morning with my friend and her dog.