Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 22 May 2022

  • Rusty - Your Jubilee pots sound fun! I hope they're successful. I must get outside this morning and plant up some things I bought but are still waiting to be put in.

    Yes, the 2nd hand car market is booming here in the absence of enough new cars: we bought a nearly new car over 18 months ago, and my OH looked at its value online the other day to find that its now worth more than we paid for it! Makes a change... (but no consolation to those who are starting out on car ownership)
  • A clematis growing on our archway, which is doing very well after a rather shaky start in life.

  • Roses rambling over the archway.

  • In reply to Annette in SoCal:

    Annette- take a few tissues for the movie. Saw it Friday. Was a great way to spend a windy cold day! Oh, and the movie was well done.
  • bjane:  Thanks for the tip.  We watched Lion on TV last night and parts of that were sad - and a true story too.

    b  Maybe when you get a vehicle you should start your own Uber or Lyft business!  :-)   Seriously, good luck with the hunt.  

    AQ;  Ah, I get it.  Meanwhile, niece's friend in Adelaide is very happy with the switch, but you're right, Oz has been a great example of covid control

    Lindybird:  Congrats to your OH on his win.  Will you be back in the UK for the Jubilee weekend

    Rusty: I get second booster next Thursday at Costco.

    Will piggy-back on everyone's good wishes to OG and EE.

  • Annette - We return on the 1st big day of the celebrations - Friday 3rd June. It's a coincidence really, as we booked it over two years ago without knowing about the celebration at all. It sounds as though there might even be some sort of fuss on board ship around about then, so I'm packing my Union Jack earrings! (Which are only tiny, but fun!)

    We got some gardening done today, which is a relief as I want to be on top of things in June. I wonder if we'll get a proper summer this year?

    Annette - I hope the fountain is still working OK.

  • HI Diane, thank you again for starting us off. Weather looks breezy and wet over here too for the next week.

    Diane, that is great for you. Hope you enjoy the party and your niece has done you proud. Hope you can secure a car for yourself as well.

    Annette - enjoy Downton Abbey, dau wen to see it with a friend and enjoyed it. Also OH's birthday too.

    Lindybird - that's great that OH can carry on with one of his hobbies and enjoys the competitiveness. Well done to him.


    RSPB Giving Nature a Home



  • Evening all: We liked the movie but as was said, a bit slow at the beginning until all the plots got underway. Some predictable happy endings left over from the series with a possible hint of more to come although without one of the main characters (don't want to reveal who).

    Have a good Monday all.
  • Good Morning. Dry here but not sunny.

    Annette - Glad you enjoyed the film. Sue went with friends, & said she loved the costumes. Happy birthday to your OH.

    Our Youngest is ecstatic as they have finally got their new kitchen finished, very much delayed by covid. They've been living in a half done muddle for way too long. Somehow the kitchen is still what we used to call "the heart of the house" and needs to be functional and pleasant!