Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 8 May 2022

  • I am here four (Sorry ....)

    Long phone chat with Dau#2 on Sunday, otherwise quiet day. I had another lunch out Monday, this one with School-Friend. We nattered in almost empty cafe until 3 pm! I had entree-size bacon carbonara penna. Friend had a taster plate. I caused chaos by asking for my coffee with my pasta. “You mean after?” No. at same time. OK. It arrived immediately & I rejected it. Earlier I had found some books for Twins birthday (Aussie birds & marsupials) plus 2 to be set aside for Xmas. OH has woken from long afternoon nap, confused as to time (no, I am getting tea, not breakfast). Lovely sunny day, 20 C max, but no time for camera. Nights are getting chilly, down to 6 C this morn’s dawn.

  • I've just been watching the State Opening of Parliament, with Prince Charles reading the Queens speech. I don't know why but I felt quite emotional - perhaps because we are seeing the end of an era ....
  • HEATHER I wonder how much longer we will have our gracious queen with us? She is definitely irreplaceable as far as I am concerned.
  • Agree, DIBNLIB.
    EVERYONE - It's been good to catch up on all your news ! LINDY with the balcony on the ship, HARELADY having good family time, AQ getting out and about ( don't really understand about the coffee !), PAT and the bluebells, ANNETTE - busy as ever, RUSTY working in the garden ( please send enthusiasm to me).
    Good to hear about the lack of vultures, DIANE and I have fingers crossed that you find a vehicle soon.
    LYNETTE - I hope that you and your new bed will soon get to know each other !

  • AQ - sounds as if you had a good day out on Monday. Good lunch and successful shopping.

    LINDY - love your clematis photo. I had a look at my big poppy. No sign of any buds at all yet but my Welsh poppies are out. I just let them seed themselves round the garden.

    HEATHER - I do hope you can build up some enthusiasm for your gardening. Mine is only small so it doesn’t take much to get it in order.

    I have been on a group walk in some local woods today. Absolutely beautiful to see the sunlight filtering through the trees onto the carpets of wild garlic. We saw 2 grey wagtails on the little river. Some people saw a dipper but I missed it!!!!!

    No idea why the photo inserted sideways!!! You will have to do some twisting to see it. I tried a few times but failed to get it the right way up!!!! 

  • I think Prince Charles was also quite emotional. I didn't see much as I had a visitor, but in the little bit I did see, there seemed to be a lot of emotion around. I definitely had damp eyes.
  • Didn't watch it as we were having coffee with friends. Think I saw somewhere that the last time HM The Queen missed was 57 years ago.
  • Just had an exciting trip to get new batteries put into our watches, & a visit to B&Q. We know how to have the high life!! The sun has perversely now appeared, as I didn't dare leave my laundry outside in the showery weather, so it's still in the basket. Grr.

    I watched the Queens speech. Found it depressing to see how lined P. Charles looks now, as I'm exactly the same age as he. Maybe he is weathered by being outdoors a lot!! P. William looked very sombre. As it says in some of the newspapers, it was noticeable that HM Queen usually gives the event more twinkle!

    Rusty - I like your picture anyway! Glad you were able to get out on a walk.

    Heather- I think AQ meant that although she expressly asked for her drink to be brought with her meal, they brought it right away whilst they were waiting for their food. I hate drinking tea with a meal, so am often forced to order it afterwards, separately, as it never arrives when you want it to.
  • In reply to Lindybird:

    It’s 3am. I just laughed at you cartoon LINDY. I needed it as I have just been down to the kitchen to make a cuppa and aaarrrrggggg!!!!!! There are tiny little ants crawling all over the counter top. None on the floor where the any powder is. I stood for ages trying to work out where they were coming from but without success so I have lightly scattered ant powder on the trail they seemed to be using. I will have to thoroughly clean it first thing tomorrow. I have lived here for 40 years and have never had this before. I can see me having nightmares when I try to go back to sleep.