Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 8 May 2022

  • OG - Really good to hear from you and to learn that progress is being made on several fronts. Hope the cleaners are a success especially with the ironing.
  • OG - good to read that all is as OK as can be. It's not easy to get cleaners to do things as we would wish, but I hope things work out for you. Many years ago I did babysitting and ironing for my GP and his family. I'm quite sure that my ironing wasn't as good as they might have wished but they were very grateful to have it done !
    I try to have a good relationship with folk who do jobs here, it's much easier then, to discuss what I might see as shortcomings ! My gardeners didn't do a good job last week.....
  • In reply to Annette in SoCal:

    ANNETTE That is really great news.
  • Goodness, I must have only thought about writing on here, without actually doing it! Sorry :-)

    Lots to reply to and may not get around to it all, but just great to hear from OG, and that things are going well there (apart from the joiners, that is). You have been missed on here! Fingers crossed that the new cleaners work out well, including the ironing.

    I hope that Rusty has a good day.

    Brilliant news about your grandson, Annette.

    AQ, I hope the virus does not cause too much of a problem for your family. We keep hearing about people catching it  still. Although apparently it is waning now again in the UK.

  • Goodness,   --  this is a repeat again, so I've rubbed it out!

    Finally got the new clematis planted in the garden, hoping it's going to climb the apple tree.

  • Well done to your grandson, ANNETTE ! Talking of fires, the wildfire in Orange county has done so much damage. Awful....
  • OG - Good to hear from you, and also to hear progress reports of work needed. Hope the cleaners work out - I didn't know there was a person on earth who actually enjoys ironing!

    Annette - Excellent news about your grandson. Having been through all the tests and interviews, I'm sure he will make a great success of the job.

    Rusty - Great news about lack of ants. Hope it remains like that. Good to know they are turned away by lemon juice.

    I have had a lovely couple of days out, with Sheffield Park yesterday and Standen today. The colours everywhere are spectacular, particularly the azaleas and rhododendrons. Such a beautiful time of year, with everything so fresh and new.
  • Iris coming out now - although we were sad to have to prune back an acer tree, these were growing below and have benefitted from gaining more light.

    Good Morning. Glad you enjoyed your two days out, Pat -- its certainly a tonic to see colourful nature at work.

  • LINDY - beautiful iris. A friend gave me some she had dug up to thin them out. I gather they may not flower this year. I will have to be patient.
    PAT - I am glad you enjoyed both your outings. I agree with you about the beautiful fresh colours at this time of year.
    I enjoyed my lunch yesterday. I had a good catch up with my former colleagues and had my usual lunch at that particular garden centre. Bacon, Brie and cranberry panini - and very nice it was too!!! Looking forward to a quiet weekend just pottering in the house and garden.
  • Yum, that panini sounds like it has my name on it, Rusty.

    It's glorious here, and my OH has put out the garden chairs & is sitting reading. (My mobile just put " It's onions here!......)

    Hope all those in the UK are able to relax in the sunshine today.