Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 8 May 2022

  • Goodness! Its quiet --- where is everybody?

    Hope AQ and Annette are OK......

    Still thinking of OG & EE and hope they are getting back into some sort of routine, with OG recovering from her hospital stay.
  • Hi Lindybird.. I'm here, just busy with several things; none of them bad....
  • LINDY Well done to your OH. Hope you are managing to make inroads with your list.
  • I am here too!!! Just having a quiet day with a bit of garden pottering and some paperwork.
    LINDY - congratulations to your OH.
  • I am here three!!! (sorry ...) Not a lot to say, though. Hope it's quiet because everyone is enjoying themselves in the sunshine - although I believe our Scottish friends are not having a very good day.

    One piece of exciting news - I had my second booster today. So far no after-effects - I don't expect any, as I sailed through the first three. A question - when we had all had three jabs, we called ourselves 'fully jabbed',. After four - what then? Over-jabbed? All jabbed out? Just pondering - obviously haven't got enough to do!! (I wish ... )
  • I wondered that, too, Pat. What do we call it??

    Annette, glad you're OK - I know you can get busy but we had not had any posts from anyone (except me) for hours!

    I have attacked my List, but in typical fashion, have been sidetracked and ended up doing several things not on the list! My OH offered to go & plant a new clematis, after much debate about where it should go, but then found that the tree we had chosen had a web of tight roots near the surface, stopping him from digging. It's still in its pot.

    Tomorrow is another day.. ...
  • Hey all, hope all allright. Thank you Diane for starting us off and hope you manage to find your 4 wheels.

    Thanks for all your news. Bed and Scooter finally arrived today. Just got to get used to the new bed as its an
    adjustable one. Probably won't need all the pillows I had before. Also watch out L driver about!!
    Tomorrow sees me at a dear friends Thanksgiving service after funeral - she had fought bravely through her cancer battle but it got the better of her. Also we found out another friend from the Parish Church, her husband died suddenly at home last week. Three deaths in the space of 4 months, no more please.

    AQ - see you managed to get out and about and enjoyed lunch with a friend. Belated Mother's Day to you..


    RSPB Giving Nature a Home



  • Good Morning.

    Yesterday our first clematis flower on the one which climbs high on the apple tree, opened. More are in bud! 

    Also, the first of my big poppies. My favourites..

  • Pat -- I hope you haven't any nasty after effects of your 4th jab. My OH was surprised by how stiff and sore his arm was, for several days.

    Lynette - sadly we are at an age when we often hear of deaths. Hope you get on alright with your new scooter and bed - a bed can take a while to get used to.