LOCH GARTEN - May 2022

  • A beautiful morning at LG. No fish yet

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    I think we both heard a single Cuckoo call just then:

    Either this site is seizing up or my system is - please don't make me reboot :'(


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    scylla said:
    Either this site is seizing up or my system is - please don't make me reboot

    It was my system and I had to shut everything down and reboot

    I wish I could work out what went wrong but I never can.


  • Morning all! The sun has appeared... but the skies still look dark. The wind doesn't appear to gusting so strongly, but I think I said that y'day!
    A quick flit thru, and apart from a short comfort break, all is peaceful.

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  • Morning all Fish at 10-18am good size
  • Thank you very much for the heads up, Trevor!  It saves a lot of searching.  I have to say that Mistle taking the fish from Axel and flying was done in the blink of an eye, and certainly a lot quicker than it too Axel to settle.

    #1 FISH

    10.17.23  She was aware Axel was coming

    10.18.15  landing

    10.18.22  Grab

    10.18.27   and fly

    and then Axel gingerly goes down to the cup, talons firmly clenched, spends time moving twigs, goes down, gets up, moves more twigs and lichen...

    10.20.48  finally settled

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    It was a great fish - headless Rainbow Trout ??? ??? ???

    The wind is glitching the cam something awful and it looked as tho Mistle was blown about in the sky somewhat - but she's used to that, in all her travels.  She brought back a good portion for Axel: