Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 1 May 2022

  • It's annoying when these things happen, though Rusty - last pair I had, they'd mixed up which ones I wanted with dark lenses as sunglasses! Then you have to go back to sort it out. My optician is in another town, but I'm thinking of changing it now. Hope you get the right ones soon.

    I keep having to sign in again, especially recently.

    Things look good at LG now, fingers crossed!

    The sun came out, here, and so I filled up the laundry line again. Hope everyone is getting some sunshine, in the UK.

  • We are more than excited: I've just begun packing for our exciting cruise (sorry if this is boring, just ignore me!) when we had a message from the cruise line. On ringing their number I was told that we've been given a free upgrade! Instead of a cabin with just a window, we'll be luxuriating in what's described as a "Junior Balcony Suite". This is a much bigger room, with a sofa and our very own balcony. Yippee!!!
  • Wow, Lindy - no wonder you're excited! If I ever go on another cruise I definitely want a balcony! I'm sure it will really add to your enjoyment.
  • How exciting LINDY!! That’s brill. It will make it all the more enjoyable. Bet you can’t wait.
  • It takes a lot to get me this excited, these days! But it's lovely to get something for free and without effort!
  • That is great news LINDY. We don't have a balcony but we do have a sliding french window. I know now that it is Norway you are going to. By the way, you are certainly not being boring.
  • Lindybird: A larger suite with a sofa? Is there now room for me?
  • Of course, Annette!! Come along, if you can stand my snoring!! My OH is very happy as he hates the claustrophobia of being in a small room, usually, and there will be more space, and more of a feeling of space, with the big windows and balcony. He also likes to sit on balconies when we stay in hotels, as he has a quick drink whilst waiting for me to try and 'make a silk purse out of a sows ear' getting ready for dinner!

    I've just bought some new trousers, tops and of course---- shoes!!!!! to look the part. Hard to know how hot/cold we might feel in northern climes at the end of May, though. Think I'll have a lot of luggage!

    Dibnlib - I think I've seen the clever french windows you might have on your trip, on TV. It will be lovely, I'm sure :-)

    With my new shoes at one end
    And my new smile at the other
    I'll be ready to greet everyone
    As if sister or brother.

    We'll sit very grandly
    On our seats outside for sure
    We'll pretend that we're used to being
    Rich rather than poor.

    We will have forgotten
    Those years when we had little
    When times were hard - and
    Our tempers were brittle.

    Now we are becoming
    A touch older, and grey
    We've learned that as life goes on
    You must live for today.

    We are going to reach out
    To grasp what we can
    We're going to have
    Good times as much as we plan!