Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 10 April 2022

  • A lone, golden tulip - there used to be about four in this spot.

  • Nearly forgot to put on some of the delicate, pure and white fritillaries.

  • Good evening all from a bright Suffolk - with temperatures set to climb this week.

    I drove to Silverstone yesterday for Luna's 5th Birthday. today. She requested dinner at a pasta restaurant so yesterday we went off for an early dinner.

    Today we all spent a very enjoyable day at a huge Play Centre in Northampton. Lots to do and a very competative session in the laser quest section - a first for me - but the youngsters and not so youngsters enjoyed it. Then a delicious chocolate birds nest cake made by her sister Seraphina and her Dad.

    She was then off to a bowling alley session with her other Nanny and family, I think she will sleep well tonight.

    Back to work for me tomorrow and then Seraphina and her Dad are arriving Easter Sunday for a few days.

    Really good as always to hear all your news. Hope all with ailments recover and we can all look forward to some sunshine and better health.

    Have a good week all.

  • Sounds like fun, Harelady - glad you had some family time. Can't believe Luna is five... ... ...

    Last night we had a roast - my OH put the chicken in the oven, so I did the veg & accompaniments, then thought that whilst it cooked, I could finally write some emails which I need doing. I put on the desktop and found 238 emails waiting!! I deleted a lot of them 6 at a time. Then I got distracted whilst laying the table. After we ate, & cleared up, we watched TV.

    We went to bed tired. When I got up this morning, I found the pc still switched on!! <sigh>

  • Good Morning. Dry again here.

    I have lots to do around the house, and my OH is off to the allotment to do more tidying up.

    Have a good Monday, Everyone!

    (PS I see we have a pair of ospreys now, at Glaslyn, after a short wait for the usual male to turn up!)
  • RUSTY – 31 C is not too hot here as we have dry heat; unlike the weather I experienced in UK. I found those temps with high humidity unbearable. I remember an awful day in London when it was so hot & humid that I found an art gallery with lovely air-con. I stayed for ages in the cool, studying every painting in every room!!!

    Lawn man didn’t arrive this morn, eventually an email to say he has covid.

  • Dull but dry here. The day for getting ready for furniture delivery tomorrow, so not any gardening planned today.

    LINDA – we once had a main room which lent itself to moving the furniture around, but that was when I had the strength to do it – and the positions were not fixed by function as they are now. Glad you had a sit in Sue’s garden – did you like her new flower bed or has it made it a bit crowded? Seeing your Fritillaries and mine, I am wondering if I shouldn’t be considering dividing them this year – they do seem to bloom well close together!

    HARELADY – sounds a big day of celebrations for five-year-old Luna – I expect you are looking forward to a quieter Easter weekend with her big sister!
  • AQ - thanks. You are correct of course about our humid heat.
    Quite chilly here this morning. Hoping it will warm up as I am going to play 9 holes of golf. Hope I can swing the club after all my gardening efforts from last week!!!
  • Hello all
    Well, you would think after a busy weekend with the family I would have fallen into bed at night and slept like a log ! Not so, think it was too stimulating. Anyway back to normal now.
    I used to be very keen on moving furniture around - perhaps overkeen. My son moved all the conservatory furniture around when they were here after Christmas. He moved the speakers of the music centre as well. I left it for a few weeks as I don't use that room in the Winter. ( Had an electric heater in there ove r Christmas, to allow for more spreading out of folk ) Anyway, it's all back where it was, now.
  • Sun is shining here, but a biting cold wind which is now gusting, & trying to remove my underwear from the line! It won't take long to dry at this rate.

    OG - Didn't go into details of Sue's garden as way too complicated- she has a large "yard" or paved patio for sitting, which then gives way to a big, steep, raised garden behind it - think mountain climbing! Thankfully, she has a very willing couple of gardeners who come around a few times of year to prune etc and keep it under control. When she moved in I suggested filling the whole space with ground cover plants plus a few of her favourite shrubs so as to avoid the need for weeding. This has worked up to a point. Won't go into it all, but she's is winning (nearly) and is very happy to only have a pocket handkerchief front lawn to care for, plus a couple of tubs of daffs which she swaps for annuals in summer.

    My fritillaries have increased in number naturally, and I leave them alone as they look OK to me, without intervention! Just wish they lasted longer, they're soon gone.