Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 3 April 2022

  • Just a thought

    One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day. (Stephanie Simpson)

  • AQ big thanks for all the trouble you take to find us lovely quotes, you are appreciated.

    Pleased your S-i-L was able to fix. soooo frustrating,when smallish jobs need to rectified, when maybe years ago, we would have tackled ourselves.(aging Grr!!! I dont like it !!!)


  • Good Morning. Sunshine here to greet me as I rise - just wrote to Sue that hopefully, we may have seen the last of the wintry weather, although they are just saying on the tv that it could be frosty again at night.

    AQ-- Great that someone could fix the plumbing for you. Glad your gentler Autumn weather has arrived.

    Rusty, a lovely description of your birdwatching day. I love Dippers!! Super cute little birds.

    Must get started on the day. Have a good Friday, everyone.
  • I just loved this-- apparently a pic taken in the USA!

  • Lindy - I used your cartoon of the man telling his wife not to interfere in the church news sheet this morning. I've already had one e-mail from someone asking if I put it in especially for her husband! I'm expecting more along similar lines - all from wives, of course ...!
  • My granddaughters are coming for their sleepover, we weren't sure but everything has worked out well !
    I'm quite excited since it hasn't happened for a long time, because of Covid. They grow up so fast, Mia will be 17 on Tuesday.
  • HEATHER - so pleased your granddaughters are able to come. Have a lovely time.
    I have been busy in the garden today. I have planted potatoes in sacks and put my sweet peas in the ground. It takes ages to tie them in so I am a bit stiff now. Hopefully it will be worth it when I am cutting them, I love being able to give them to people.
  • Gosh, Heather - can't believe how Mia has grown up!! So glad they are coming, you'll enjoy their visit.

    Rusty, we usually buy our sweet peas as tiny plants these days, then we put them into a big tub with a wigwam for them to climb up. Have been a bit disappointed in our results in the last 2 years - perhaps I should use some manure or something to give them to feed on- I usually just give them some tomato feed.

    Had a mostly sunny day, with more short sharp showers. We went out for lunch in a pub, partly to make up for my OHs disastrous birthday treat last week. We both shared some fried chicken wings,  then had traditional cod and chips. All very good, and served and eaten slowly - can't rush our food these days. Crashed out on the sofa with a cup of tea afterwards!

  • In reply to aquilareen:

    AQ - we're now on last years filming with of course social distancing as far as possible. Some lovely locations again.
    Watched the other day and it came from Argyll and Bute area. First cottage the couple saw they fell in love with, would of liked it myself but a bit too big, mind you the views were to die for - looking out on Loch Fyne.


    RSPB Giving Nature a Home



  • In reply to Original Goldfinch and Eagle-eye:

    OG. Yes, of course, it has 3 sides of half walls with windows all round. Sorry won't be having church meetings in it as too far away for people to travel but don't mind. At least we will be able to sit in it more and also outside when the weather is more clement. Also note that you wish to visit the RHS Bridgewater Gardens at Worsley - that is just down the road from my childhood home. I believe they have made a very good job of resurecting the original walled garden from when the hall was there. The old gardners cottage is still there.

    Off to get my 4th jab tomorrow at a local surgery, not where we live , but one affiliated to our practice.

    Annette and Diane - hope you have a lovely weekend as to all you others. Happy Weekend.


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