Dyfi Osprey Project Live Stream 2022

  • Such devastating news...  

    RIP Hesgyn (KA3)19, gorgeous boy.

  • 12.49 and the webcam does a super close up of Pedran eating

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    SheilaFE said:

    Oh, Glider, how very sad.  It just goes to show that even the migration still has its dangers.  I wonder whether an autopsy which give any indication to what happens.

    Here is the link to the Dyfi report.   One shouldn't speculate, but I note 

    As standard practise when a dead bird of prey is recovered, the North Wales Rural Crime team have been informed. 

    Thank you Sheila- devastating news

  • Yes, very sad, especially as he was the very last chick that Monty raised at Dyfi--along with the current female at Dyfi, Telyn/Blue 3J (13). One of the folks who posts on another social media site and who lives on the Llyn Peninsula not too far from Criccieth, had reported a day or two before Hesgyn was found that they had a couple of very misty days (that would have been about the time that Hesgyn probably came to grief). I wonder if a similar thing happened to him as happened some years ago to Caledonia from the Loch Garten nest. She flew into a guy wire in Spain on a foggy day. Pure speculation of course (and possibly a mistake to suggest anything--apologies to anyone who might be upset), but perhaps he flew into something in the murk, possibly even Criccieth Castle which is on one end of that beach. It towers over the area. However, I am not sure if such a thing would show up on the examination...

    Kind regards, Ann

  • Earlier today - 4 ospreys, a cow and a fish!

  • Friday Aug. 5th
    A fascinating visitor to the Dyfi nest.
    We had an Un-ringed juvenile visit.
    Many questions about where it could have come from.
    We think it is too early for a Scottish juvenile to be migrating yet. (We often assume un-ringed birds are from Scotland)
    There will be much speculation about this one!

    To add spice to the pot, we had KS7 (18) a Clywedog male here at almost the same time.

    Un-ringed visitor


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    It's a beauty, Colin!
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    Blog by Emyr 

    Extremely Rare Visitor: An Unringed Fledgling

    Inclusive of a video showing the fledgling's visit yesterday as well as an amazing picture from today!

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    Great blog and a wonderful mystery!
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    Great capture and wonderful observations Colin. Many thanks