• In reply to Glider:

    Just before 08.30, LR2 delivers the 2nd fish of the day. A nice sized headless trout. It is very blustery here again and LM6 was getting buffeted about on the side of the nest before LJ2 arrived.

    The chicks are both focussed on the prize!

    The chicks manage a good portion of the fish before settling down.

  • Around 10.00 LM6 left the nest for a comfort break. LJ2 was maybe on the cam pole as he few down to the nest less than 30 seconds later to retrieve the uneaten fish. However, after he grasped it, he stayed with the chicks until LM6 returned 5 minutes later. On her arrival, LJ2 then took the fish end away.

  • In reply to Glider:

    12.29 LJ2 returns with the now smaller end piece of the fish.

    LM6 has a bit of trouble getting up from brooding the chicks, she seemed to be entangled with chick #2 but does manage to free herself.

    The feed lasts about 20 minutes. Some raindrops appear on the cam lens towards the end of the feed.

  • In reply to Glider:

    18.09 small fish arrives

    Could be a wee pike as seen under LJ2’s talons.

    It’s eaten in around 5 minutes.

  • In reply to Glider:

    Just after 20.00, LJ2 arrives with another wee fish for supper.

  • In reply to Glider:

    Just after 21.30, LJ2 arrives with another little fish. It may be a perch. It’s so tricky to make out with the smudgy cam lens.

    (Fish #5) LJ2 to the left holding the fish. 

  • Wednesday 29.06.22

    First fish of the day at 05.38

    And a pike at 11.09. LM6 has her wings outspread to shelter her chicks from the rain.

    Fish #3 at 15.57

    And something more substantial at 16.55.

  • In reply to Glider:

    Just before 19.00, looked like a swap of fish tails! LJ2 arrives with his half eaten fish. LM6 has a tail end left on the nest.

    LM6 is interested in the new offering and takes it.

    LJ2 picks up the other tail with his beak

    He flies off and LM6 feeds the chicks. She maybe wanted a different flavour after eating so much of the last fish caught earlier! (Trout?)


  • Thursday 30.06.22

    07.03 first fish of the day delivered. LM6 gets a wing around the neck from one of the chicks stretching! 

  • And #2 at around 10.00