GLASLYN OSPREY - March/April 2022

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    Valerie D said:
    nice photo of the new hide

    Very smart!  Thank you to all contributors and volunteers!  Thanks, Valerie.


  • Such beautiful captures of the Blackbird Scylla .
    Thank You Valerie for the link
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    07 March

    Don't suppose this lens will get attention before the season opens with an Osprey:


  • Mmmm. Spidies will do what spidies will do. Love the captures. Thanks Scylla
  • Thanks Scylla for starting of the thread and lovely intro.

    Safe return for Mrs G and Aran
  • From Heather re LIVE STREAMING>

    "9:02 AM
    Heather Corfield
    ​Unfortunately the electrical work over the next three days is essential and we will have no power during this period at the Viewing end to connect to connect to the internet to live stream."

    The latest comment says that is expected to go off tomorrow.

    Birdies LG DU update.

  • Heather captured this view of the new hide a short while ago.

    Copyright BGGW.

    Birdies LG DU update.

  • That's really good Mike. Thank you
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    Just for the record - bangs last evening. Couldn't see anything about it on Chat but Heather was obviously interested.  It's boring.