• Morning all - I'd like to tell you that I'm part of the Flight of the Osprey team (#FOTO), and invite you to the pre-launch zoom briefing we're holding on 9th May at 19.00 UK (GMT+1).

    Background: Sacha Dench (AKA the Human Swan), is the UN Ambassador for the Convention on Migratory Species and is going to be following the migration route of UK sat-tagged Ospreys from Scotland to the west coast of Africa. Her organisation is called Conservation Without Borders, she'll be flying in a paramotor and the team will be landing in places along the route favoured by the Ospreys, to highlight conservation issues from climate change to human intervention such as poaching and power lines.

    My job as media volunteer is to source exciting nest cam footage for the pre-flight publicity, and during my recent visit to Rutland, I met with Abi Mustard, and obtained her permission to use some of their nest cam footage, as well as to follow Blue 4K as one of the sat-tagged Ospreys when he heads south in August.

    My other role is to keep fellow Osprey enthusiasts like you updated on the project. So if you've ever wondered where our Ospreys go on their winter hols and would like to get involved from the comfort of your sofa, here's the link for the briefing: No sign up needed, just log in on the 9th. I'll post a reminder nearer the time - hope to see some of you there.

  • You are such a good observationist Patily . Thank you for the capture and posts
  • Maya looks so cosy and toastie its no wonder she is dozing. I wonder if they will have their first chick by this rime next week? Hope it will entice Karen back.

    C ROP

  • Woweee! We've been given a different view 33 with his fish

    C ROP

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    patily said:
    I wonder if they will have their first chick by this rime next week? Hope it will entice Karen back.

    I fear that Karen must have a serious problem to be kept away so long, can't wait to see her back 

    01 May

    I got a fish !!!  (Supper)  But Maya picked it up as if to fly with it, suddenly changed her mind and flew without it and I can't find her coming back!  There's huge section of MB missing.

    02 May

    Not to worry, here's the early changeover this morning, all must be well with Maya 


  • Camera has been zoomed right in since yesterday, Great views of both birds and the eggs as hatching approaches. easily my favourite pair at the moment. They make it look so easy
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    Morning Scylla, Patily, Alan and All

    We saw last night's fish delivery and Maya did come back and take it eventually but what she was actually doing was dive bombing various birds on the water, washing her underneath and then after terrorising everything in site sat preening herself lol! So she is definitely ok :-).

    Here is a sad pic of Maya on the remains of her perch where she likes to eat fish, keep eye on nest and sit with chicks. Sadly it was see sawing last time we were here.... Now gone! The Cows were moving in for company but they'd better watch out :-)

    We miss you Karen and hope you are alright. Sending you very warm wishes and look forward to our chats again soon!

    Yes Alan hopefully this nest makes stress free watching! 

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    Sorry meant to say thank you all for the updates.