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    17:00 NC0 rose from incubation and gave her wings a really good shake

    She made a short contact call and headed off the nest

    Laddie was to the nest in a matter of moments. He looked very dry so must have found a good sheltered spot to keep out of the rain. He gave a few contact calls as he landed

    He'd just got himself comfortable in the nest cup when NC0 flew over

    18:00 Laddie continues to incubate

    Hopefully, once NC0 returns, Laddie will be able to fish.


  • 18:07 Chipping and alarm calling from Laddie


    More flapping as he headed back to the nest cup

    NC0 returned a very short time after he'd settled. Laddie was on alert and semi-stood up perhaps thinking it was an intruder

    Laddie preparing to leave

    Laddie left the nest

    NC0 took over incubation.


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    At 20:24, Laddie could be seen dipping his toes in the Loch and flying round behind the trees at the back of the nest. NC0 silently watched him

    Laddie didn't come to the nest until 20:47. NC0 let him know that she would like a fish

    Getting ready to leave


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    21:17 Perhaps Laddie will bring NC0 an early breakfish in the morning


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