DYFI OSPREY PROJECT - February 2022 - pre-season snippets

  • Live Stream update.
    "The new cameras seem to be working well with amazing resolution.

    We're still talking with the manufacturer about some small issues, including how to remove OSDs (on-screen displays). We also have some codec issues we're working through.

    We're hoping to have the Live Streaming ready for you by early next week - 21st March onwards, which will be the earliest we've ever gone live."

    Birdies LG DU update.

  • Great news Mike. Thank you
  • For information.

    The Dyfi wildlife centre, including the cafe, is now open 7 days per week from 10.00 till 1700.

    Dyfi live streaming is due to go online on Monday (21st)
    No Ospreys seen yet, just a very nice pair of Buzzards circling the nest pretending to be Ospreys.

    This year we will again use the "Observation board 2022" to record anything of interest happening at Dyfi
    Hopefully, this can be the first point of call to keep up to date.

    Dyfi Observation Log 2022