Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 16 January 2022

  • Woke up rather poorly yesterday, but gradually improved and quite good today.

    Clare - thanks for sharing the Minsmere birds - glad you had a good day out,

    Diane - thanks for getting up to start the new thead - had hoped you would be much better by now, so praying for full recovery for you. Be well soon.

    Lynette - hope you will soon get a date for the funeral - the waiting is so wearing.

    I saw that Winterwatch is coming this week - I wondered if it is a repeat as doesn't seem long since the previous one.

    OH is busy outside - hanging a new gate between front and back gardens at one end of the bungalow. I have been busy with meal planning and correspondence today.
  • Wondered if you were alright, OG. Hope you can still feel better than that, tomorrow. Our back gate is beginning to look a bit sad and green (well, it's painted a dull green but also has some wood which is going soft) so I expect we'll have to do something about it.

    Just spoke to our Youngest, and little Rosie was in the background, lisping "I tidy up, Daddy" as she picked up bits of lego - aw!
  • HEATHER – We had a news item that an overseas arrival in Melbourne was told to get a RAT rather than PCR. But no RATs were available at the airport. Luckily she had brought her own. Maybe s-i-l could come prepared. I have no idea any more what is what, as the regulations are different in every state and change nearly every day.

    I must rush away to watch Ash Barty. Loooong “picnic in park” with Travel Friend today and so no time to read back. See you all tomorrow.

  • Retirement: It's nice to get out of the rat race, but you have to learn to get along with less cheese. (Gene Perret)

    Retirement is when you switch bosses from the one who hired you to the one who married you. (Gene Perret)

    Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save. (Will Rogers)

  • Good Morning. Dry again here - I might wash the floor mats from our bathroom & try hanging them out. My life is so exciting!!

    Nice for you to have a good chat in the park with your Friend, AQ.
  • What a treat this morning when we were introduced to a near neighbours 9 week old puppy. It is a Lagotto Romagnolo (never heard of them) and is completely gorgeous. Must tell my friend when I see her this morning. she used to work at a vets so may have come across them before. It was her birthday yesterday and a shock reminder how lock she is to be alive. Her joke was that she is starting to feel her age now esp as she has one good in the grave!!!
  • I see that now France are considering banning any sports persons who are not vaccinated....including those coming to the French Open!
  • Good for France - the French Open is quite a long way ahead so everyone has been warned, and has time to do the necessary. Hope Wimbledon and the US Open do the same. I think the next big test is the Six Nations ...

    Yet another beautiful sunny day here. Certainly not warm - but it is January after all. Hope this weather will help people who are struggling - particularly Diane, who has been experiencing awful weather lately, as well as being unwell. Thoughts and prayers winging their way to you all.
  • It's brightened up here a little -- still cold, but there's no wind at all. I got my mats on the line but don't suppose they'll dry much in the winter sun.

    My OH is grumpy today & said he has a sort of migraine feeling. He never gets them so don't know why this is. He won't take even an aspirin so I am just avoiding the subject. He has had one of the head colds which are going around, and a lot of snuffling has ensued. He isn't listening to me much at present, anyway. One of the cards we received at Christmas enclosed a lovely letter from his niece (who was a bridesmaid at our wedding) with two delightful photos of her daughters, now almost grown up. I showed them to him, and got an "Ummnnn" reply. Two days later he spotted the photos which I had tucked into the frame of the kitchen mirror. "Who are these women?" he puzzled.....