Any news about the live webcams at Loch Garten?

  • Thanks, Ian, lovely of Fergus to reply to you so quickly.

    Kind regards, Ann

  • Hi, We are very well and working hard, and our finances are fine thank you Thomo!

    I am sure Loch Garten will be going ahead again this year although we are not involved in setting up the cameras.

    The Kittiwakes have been a challenge because the main power in the Baltic Plant Rooms has not been working for 12 months. We have no information as to when this on site issue will be rectified. We are looking at the Tyne Bridge as a tempting alternative and spoken to Newcastle CC. If this does go ahead it will not be until after some major work on the bridge structure has been completed... Possibly 2023 or beyond.

    For our part, we will be live from Chichester again and we should be able to cover fledging this year. Hopefully the Heronry in West Sussex will entertain. There will be Ground Nesting Birds in Shropshire, Wales and Northern Ireland. The Llyn Clywedog Ospreys will be well covered. We will be getting up close and personal with Roseate Terns and Puffins on Coquet Island. We are re-assessing what can be achieved at Southstack now that the new office and cafe are open again. Plus we are hard at work getting a wireless link across a vast area of The Yorkshire Dales to get Hen Harriers on your screens. Finally we are looking forward to some exciting news from The Orkneys.

    Oh and of course fingers crossed that our very own Kestrels take up the same nest this year.

    The website should get its early spring overhaul shortly.... So it's onwards and upwards.
    The very best to everyone for an enjoyable 2022, Peter
  • Excellent news Peter, many thanks for very exciting update!


     2013 photos & vids here

    eff37 on Flickr

  • Many thanks, Peter, and best of luck with everything.

    Kind regards, Ann

  • Thank you for the update Peter. Much appreciated by all I'm sure.

    Birdies LG DU update.

  • In reply to Carnyx Wild:

    You look a bit busy, Peter  Your update is even more greatly appreciated, therefore  

    I'm a little worried by Fergus's info, tho - a hoped-for completion by end of Feb... cutting it fine?  (Thank you for passing that on, THOMO.)


  • In reply to scylla:

    I noticed that Big Garden Birdwatch RSPB stream from yesterday featured the non-osprey webcam at Loch Garten - the one outside the centre I think, showing red squirrels, lots of coal tits, chaffies etc. I've not checked whether this cam is generally back on 'live' - I'll look in tomorrow and see if there are any cresties about
  • In reply to Korky:

    Nothing on Carnyx still:


    But there's a live cam at ARNE on the RSPB Video channel - I've started downloading it, see who we get  


  • I can feel the tension mounting!  Peter and  Carnyx are certainly going to be busy this year, which is great.  Let's hope they are involved at LG too.

    I don't think LG ever gets the cams working early.  We rarely get team details until mid March at the earliest, and in 2019 it wasn't until 16 March that they webcam went live, so we possibly have a few weeks to wait.

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