Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 2 January 2022

  • Heather - A friend of mine has gout. Don't think her word would be 'exquisitely' ...

    Rain stopped. Rubbish out of house. Hovering done. I feel a certain amount of pride in what I've achieved today. Hopefully that will give me the incentive to continue ... still plenty to do!
  • Ha ha Pat ! I think the word was used in a different way than we would use it...
    Well done on your shredding etc I keep looking at the shredder and the pile of paper next to it.
    LINDY - I also have stuff to fling. My eldest daughter is coming here on Wednesday to take things to the dump. I wish that I had learned to drive.
    ANNETTE - So good that your daughter is one step nearer home.
  • Ouch, Heather! Not sure if he does have it: he contacted a cousin who suffers with it, and he says it affects his toe joints. But my OHs pain is mainly at the base of his toenail, where it looks slightly inflamed. Hmmnn...

    Pat, I see you're "hovering over the hoover!!!"
  • Hovering

    I'm hovering over the hoover -
    The whole house is a mess:
    I've been having a sort out,
    And the results are just rubbish, I guess.

    How I wish I could clear out my brain, too
    To get it to work better!
    It doesn't seem to listen, these days
    Or do what I want, to the letter.

    The names of friends, my children, too
    Are on the tip of my tongue
    But the key to the filing cabinet of names
    Seems to have up and gone.

    My Other Half's no better than I -
    He will keep on inquiring
    "Who is that actress, what did she do?"
    Thank goodness for Google, inspiring!

    The New Year makes us want new brooms
    To sweep the dross away.
    How much better our days would be
    Without all this stuff, we say.

    But we need to keep in our memories
    The polished, precious gems of life:
    The happy days, the bits of fun
    The good bits, not the strife.

    So we root around, and talk with others
    Of happy times gone by
    The years have gone, as often said, in the twinkling of an eye....
    We hold to our breasts the important parts, and to the rest of it say "Be Gone!"
    We need to be sure we can still remember
    When our minds and memories were as one.

  • Oops - but glad to see my typo set off the poetic muse, Lindy. Lovely poem - I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.
  • Thank you! Don't know where it came from, and as you can see from the 1st verse, it was intended as an Ode to Housework, but somehow got lost on the way. Like my brain!

    ps - sorry I drew attention to the typo, but we all do it.  ;-)

  • I should have noticed it myself. Call myself a proof reader?!?!?!? Maybe a Freudian slip to allow your muse free rein? And of course that led me on to something else - 'free rein' or 'free reign'? Well, Mr Google came up with the answer, as usual:

    Free rein, meaning "unrestricted liberty of action or decision," is often misinterpreted as free reign. The expression free rein originated from horseback riding and refers to the act of holding the reins that control the horse loosely so as to allow the horse to freely move along at its own pace and in its desired direction.

    Such fun to find out these little gems.
  • I knew that about horse reins, although I've never ridden a horse in my life, apart from a couple of wonkey rides on a wonkey donkey!!

    Funny how our brains can store what seems to be useless information.

    I learned today that the word "vaccination" was coined because a cow is vaca in Latin, and the first vaccinations were for smallpox, which were derived from the milkmaid catching cowpox from a cow with cowpox --when it was then noticed that the girls were then immune from smallpox. If you follow me.... its late here & I've had 2 glasses of wine.