Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 2 January 2022


Sunday, 2 January, is the first New Moon of the year. The moon turns new at 6:33 p.m. or 1833 Universal Time. Insert your city or town in the box HERE to see the new moon time in your location. 

  • Thank you DIANE for a new week of a new year with a new moon as well.

    High 20s & high humidity today; I feel like a “wrung out dishrag” as my mother would have said. I learnt today that someone at my church’s χmas service later tested positive. No worries, they said, as everyone present had to book online and would be known. Hm, I shall continue streaming online. Our state’s covid numbers are now doubling every 2-3 days.

  • Just a thought

    A Sunday well-spent brings a week of content. (Proverb)

  • Evening all and glad Diane is alert because I've been going around all today convinced that tomorrow is Monday.

    Lindybird: Had to laugh at the chopper fiasco.  :-)   I'm right there with Heather though.....

    Rosy:  Great to see you!  Glad you showed the new laptop who's boss.

    We had a few inches of snow last night.  It never got above freezing today and the wind was really biting, but the sky was a dazzlingly clear blue and you could see snow on the peaks up behind Flagstaff.  Am heading home (reluctantly) tomorrow afternoon; hate to leave g/daughter but as I've mentioned, she has a strong support network here....

    Take care all.

  • ANNETTE: Have a good journey home.
  • Good Morning. First week of the New Year again. How it comes around. Although everyone I talked to yesterday said they didn't know what day they were on, at all!

    Nice to see you back, Rosie. Enjoy your new laptop.

    Annette, safe and easy journey home. I'm so glad your daughter has made good progress and it must be such a relief to you.

    It's still very warm for winter here, and should last through tomorrow, but then return to a more "normal" on Tuesday.
  • Don't think I wrote much yesterday. We restocked on bread & milk, then were set to just relax, but got a call from a neighbour inviting us to come around for a New Year drink. It was just the four of us, and the other couple have been shielding for a long time. After an hour, we were joined by our neighbour who is next door to us: she has been out & about a lot and we were all discussing the widespread spreading of the virus - everyone now knows someone who has got it or had it.
  • Happy New Year to all!

    I have been away for 7 days with Daughter and family in Silverstone, Northamptonshire, Son and Family in SE London and Friends in Surrey but although I could read all your comments, I couldn't sign in.

    Let's hope that this year brings an improvement on the covid situation across the world and all those with ailments find relief and recovery.

    I am back to work on Tuesday 4th so will enjoy pottering at homefor the next 2 days.

    Take care all

  • We're on our last day of togetherness, son and family will return South tomorrow. It's been lovely having them here ,if a bit chaotic at times. The youngest is three and has a bad case of the ' Me Too ' syndrome - but of course it is something she will grow out of. My son for the most part is very patient with small ones. It can't be easy being over fifty when your youngest is born!
  • I'm with Heather also re: frozen chopped onions! Hope everyone has a less chaotic and a calmer New Year with good health and an abundance of love and happiness!
  • Thank you, bjane.

    A simple day today: sis in law Sue came around to describe her recent days with her family & granddaughters, some of whom are growing up fast, & even preparing to take to the roads with their "L" plates!

    In the afternoon, my OH and I settled down with the chocolates to watch the wonderful New Year's Concert from Vienna which we had recorded. I only saw a few minutes before I fell asleep and then slept for two hours!