WEEKLY CHAT (non-osprey). SUNDAY NOVEMBER 28 2021

  • At last, somebody has mentioned St Andrews Day – no mention on radio or TV and I was beginning to wonder whether I had arranged our haggis meal for the wrong day. So, thanks, LINDA!

    Will have a quick read of the week so far, but don’t think I’ll manage a full catch-up on replies. Just to say, sorry about ANNETTE’s daughter being so poorly, and all the consequential plans which need to be sorted. Sorry about DIANE’s attack by the monitor – I hope it has done no internal damage – surprised your friends didn’t stay with you to check overnight! I don’t normally agree with dressing up pets, but Daisy is her usual cuteness in her Christmas hat!

    We had about 3cm snow on Sunday and it lay all day Monday – thankfully it thawed on roads and began a slow thaw elsewhere. A mild night last night, so no snow left today. I see some parts of the North are still without power from fallen trees, and other damage includes a tragic loss of baby seals around St Abbs Head, as well as many starfish washed up on Culbin Sands.
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    Lindybird said:
    It seems that many people are now being told they're on the autistic spectrum, even after years as adults who didn't know it affected them. Progress of sorts that at least a diagnosis is now possible. <hugs>

    In the last couple of years I've seen stories from women in my sort of age group who'd just been diagnosed and an awful lot of what they described felt very familiar.  I started doing these online quizzes to see if I could be on the spectrum and every last one of them told me to seek medical advice as I almost certainly was.  It wasn't until I had a carer's assessment a few months ago that I actually went to a doctor to ask the question.  Strangely enough one person who has given me confidence (even though I've never spoken to him) is Chris Packham - he's very famously on the spectrum and he shows so much determination to make a difference to our treatment of the natural world.  It makes me furious to see the abuse he gets.

    Our herring gulls are red listed birds.  Think about that the next time you hear some flaming idiot calling for a cull of them.

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    CLARE - my grandson had dyspraxia, previously known as clumsy child syndrome, plus he was just a bit different in a few ways. His parents didn't want a label put on him and I can quite understand that. He may always be seen as a bit ' different ' but is a lovely caring lad who has some good friends. When it came time for secondary education, parents chose a school that has a reputation for appreciating the individuality of the pupils. His current ' thing' is World War 2 and he isn't afraid to correct his teachers when they give incorrect information ! He has never been in the 'system' although there were a few times when he was young that it would have been easy to do that, his parents resisted. I think they made the right decision.
    His dad just made an off the cuff remark to me a few years ago about his own traits !!
  • OG - no haggis here, I hate it. OH always had it on Burns Night though. I did hear mention of St Andrew on Radio 4 this morning. Prayer for the day at 5.45am.
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    Annette in SoCal said:
    CC:  What type of heating do you have?

    What a good strategy you have had buying the propane early!

    I have natural gas heat. I also have a gas range and a gas fireplace insert. As I've gotten older, I find I need to turn up the thermostat in the winter, so I had the insert installed as zone heating since I have a small ranch house. During the day if I am cooking and have the fireplace on, the furnace does not kick on. That saves me a bit since I use less gas that way.

    Annette in SoCal said:
    I can hear one of the horses bashing its feed bin so must go toss pellets at them....

    I forgot you have horses out there! Who picks the stalls???

    Especially if you are gone...I hope you find your way to a reasonable solution without overdoing yourself. Take care of yourself so you can then help others!!!

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  • Morning all: I'm sure we're all on some kind of spectrum, which sent me looking for the definition of 'spectrum.' When it comes to rainbows, I tend to blue; politically, I'm on the left side (also blue). I also worry about labeling kids (had never heard of clumsy child syndrome).

    Heather: OH managed the washing machine and also found his way to the Natural Cafe for one of his favorite salads without having to dial 911! Seriously, I really don't like being away this long. One thing that makes me sad is that the widow of our longtime friends (the wife knew OH back in Sunday school in Kansas City) is aware of the situation here. I called her before I left, asking her to please keep an eye on OH. She said of course and to let her know how "I can support your family." I told her I worried because he's unsteady on his feet and has memory issues. She called him just once and brought a couple of items from the grocery store and offered to take him out to lunch that same day, but hasn't called him since and hasn't called me at all to see how things are going here. When her husband was ailing and after he died, I called her regularly offering help, did grocery shopping, took over treats, helped her clean up their garden several times, clean out her garage, etc., etc., and had her over for dinner multiple times. I know we're supposed to 'give and not to count the cost' but I'm really upset with her for not keeping in touch with OH. She's very active in all kinds of community groups, including her church, but now I'm wondering about her motivations for those projects when simple deeds for longterm friends fall by the wayside. I keep thinking I must be doing her an injustice.....

    Ms. D finally got her Covid test resuts (negative) and is back to school today, so some normalcy for her. I'll be able to finally tackle projects that need doing here while granddaughter drives down to Phoenix to see her Mom. Again, we all Facetime with her a lot, which keeps her spirits up....
  • Nice of you to find the time to keep us up to date Annette, when I'm sure your day is already full. I hope your OH gets a call from your friend - I suppose its possible that she's not been too well herself, but I'm searching for an excuse for her, really. Why do people offer help when they don't expect to follow it through?

    I agree with Annette that we are probably all of us on some kind of spectrum, but I don't think it will be particularly helpful come the day when we can all be neatly & easily categorised. Goodness knows where I'd be -- a lot of people who know me well say I'm definitely a one off!! ;-))
  • ANNETTE That s a real let down by a friend and it can't have helped you at all. Some folk are takers but not givers :-( I do hope that you can get home soon, with some optimism about your daughter's recovery. I seem to recall that she is 60 now? Which, with all due respect, means that you are no spring chicken. Do take care of yourself x
  • ANNETTE That s a real let down by a friend and it can't have helped you at all. Some folk are takers but not givers :-( I do hope that you can get home soon, with some optimism about your daughter's recovery. I seem to recall that she is 60 now? Which, with all due respect, means that you are no spring chicken. Do take care of yourself x
  • Just received a charming little clip from my d.in.law of our little Rosie, singing "Happy Birthday to You" in her tiny 2 year-old voice. Very disarming and cute. Also, although it's not very well lit, her face has a look of my mother about it, which knocked me for six - I thought originally that she took after the in laws!!