Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 14 November 2021

  • Good Morning. Dry here but a bit colder. Sitting by the gas fire to have my porridge, and then a whirl of activity to get sorted out here & head off home this morning.

    Bonnie doesn't seem any worse for eating the horn....not the first time she's digested something which seems inedible to us!!
  • Safe journey home, LINDY !
  • Thanks, Heather. We are now home and alright, although the house feels cold as we left it without the automatic heating on. Held up by two major roadworks on our way back, but as they are all in the way of being called "improvements" for our benefit, we shouldn't complain!

    (And they should be finished by next spring, when we return)

  • Mornng all This morning it's OH with computer problems..... I think we have a techy person coming tomorrow.....
    Meanwhile, no lack of paperwork and phone calls to sort out...

    Lindybird: Glad you're home safe in spite of delays. Too many road work improvements are out of date by the time they're operating..
  • Had a complicated weekend, and not left myself much time today! Can't remember Friday. Saturday morning tree man came to give Alder, Birch and Willow their annual haircut. Saturday afternoon we made quiches, enjoyed one and froze the other two. Sunday was a bit of a mental fog and E-E developed a cold, which is continuing thus far. Painters couldn't start windowframes this morning due to drizzle. They told the boss they had called here, but none of the three of us saw or heard them! They are now supposed to arrive tomorrow morning. - rest of the week should be mostly dry.
  • In reply to Annette in SoCal:

    Annette in SoCal said:
    oo many road work improvements are out of date by the time they're operating..

    OR!!!!as I saw this posted elsewhere today CHOL:):)


  • OG: OMG. Still waiting for painters?

    SunnyKate: Haha. Maybe that's what Purgatory is like, except it lasts indefinitely......
  • Hi, all. I've decided to dog-sit for my friends in Indianapolis over the Thanksgiving holiday while they go to New York City. I'm leaving on this Saturday afternoon (the 20th), and I won't be back until Sunday the 28th. I'll have my phone with me, but I've never tried starting a new thread with it. It might be better if Annette or someone else starts it for those 2 Saturdays. Or if Annette is still having Internet problems, you can simply use the same thread until I get back. Not a big deal either way.

    I'm taking my computer with me in order to finish my project, but it's not set up to use WiFi, and I'd rather not use someone else's WiFi or broadband. I'm kind of rattled and distracted trying to finish this freelance project. I'm hoping I can finish it before I leave, but that's probably too ambitious. My house has been really cold, and I'll work better at my friends' place. My area is supposed to get a little warmth for the next 2 days. It's been snowing here. The cold is really bothering me this year. Maybe it's because I'm not acclimated to it yet. Anyway, I'll be in the big city for a week.

  • DIANE – Don’t worry about us, just get the project over & done. Maybe some time to relax after?