Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 7 November 2021

  • By the way, lots of complaints on our local social media that some idiots let off "Industrial grade" fireworks at 4.00am this morning near to many residential parts, frightening children and dogs and waking everyone up.
  • Lindybird, Sounds good (Edit:  not the fireworks but your comment to your OH that you are 'a one off"!), but doesn't it risk your OH saying, "Just as well that there's only one of you!"?!

    Annette, My parents always used to buy their own pressies, well, sort of! My Mum might buy my Dad a new electric mixer and he might buy her a new electric saw--it worked for them. She would then use his pressie and he would use hers! They did not bother to wrap them--my Dad would never have unwrapped his if they had because he hated Christmas and the New Year; they always made him feel depressed.

    Kind regards, Ann

  • Lndybird:  Yes, indeed.  An instruction book WOULD have been nice had they bothered to include one. Grrr.   All I got was a Quick Start leaflet; had to browse online to find out how it actually worked and how to access various options (including how turn off constant reminders that it was 'ready to pair').  I'm sure it would all be intuitive to a 10-year-old...     Sounds like those are industrial-grade idiots.

  • It's been an interesting afternoon. I eventually managed to peel Limpy off the ceiling and get him back down to earth - he's a West Ham supporter who got a little overexcited when they beat Liverpool today. It's good to see Limpy this happy!

    Our herring gulls are red listed birds.  Think about that the next time you hear some flaming idiot calling for a cull of them.

  • Ann: Oh, yes - I get that one! "Just as well.....!".

    But then he says he's too old for a change of wife, now. I retaliate with something Wogan used to say "The present Mrs Wogan..." Except I change it to " The present Mr T. ... "I

    Annette: Grrr. Don't you just hate it when instructions are only available online.

  • Clare: Yay!! Limpy can celebrate!
  • Lindy, Yep, that's it, and the "Just as well...!" might easily be followed with "Gawd help us if there were any more!" The "of you!" is implied, of course--lol! I like your use of Wogan's "The present..."

    Clare, Good news that Limpy has something to be thrilled about!

    Kind regards, Ann

  • Good Morning. A pretty pink sky against the clouds as the sun came up today:

    Dramatic as I look towards our town from our place on the edge of it.

    My OH hopes to go and clear up some leaves on the allotment today- 90% of them from trees other than ours! I bought him a couple of cherry trees once for his birthday but we forgot that no one would be there when the cherries ripen and so the birds get them all.

  • Saw this online and it made me laugh!!

  • It's turned briefly to a stunning red, now.