Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 7 November 2021

  • Clare - Be uniquely you -- we wouldn't have it any other way!!
  • OG Haven't actually seen the "thing" by the river but haven't heard anyone say they like it!!!
  • Thank you DIANE...
    You must have been exhausted, to sleep for three days. I hope that you feel better now.
    OG /AQ - son in law is supposed to be on a regular Rota for the Australian branch of his company. However, this can change at any time. He was sent to Egypt last year and that was intended to be a regular thing but what do you know, he was pulled from there and sent somewhere else ! His years of service in the Air Force have made him very adaptable. He hopes to leave Tasmania tomorrow, Monday. A couple of days in Perth for PCR test, then to Qatar and onwards to UK. He has negotiated extra time at home because of extended time abroad. So home for Christmas !
    LINDY - these invasive procedures are indeed uncomfortable. I hope you get a good result from biopsy.
    LYNETTE - I have a friend who has the sudden knee collapse problem. It has made her very nervous.
    ANNETTE - why is it that everything fails at once ? Regarding your writing project, as OG said, how can you write about something that hasn't happened and seems not to have been planned yet :-)
    Life here is as usual. I see my eldest daughter once a week for shopping and lunch at home, here. Other than that, ' home alone'. I read a lot, listen to radio, talk with my family on the phone. I'm lucky in that respect, they all phone, every day.
  • Interesting to hear about your son in law, Heather. Good for him -- I hope he is well paid for all his "gallivanting" as my grandma would have said!!

    Sun has come out here and its quite mild for November. My OH has been battling with a leak in the downstairs bathroom which is coming from the towel rail. It's seeped underneath the new floor covering we put in not long ago <sigh> He hopes to be able to salvage the flooring but it means work doing and as usual he doesn't want to pay anyone else.
  • Wow! Lots written already!

    First, end of last week – LINDA – glad yesterday’s test is over and done with. The preparation for those tests is more inconvenient - and sore – than the actual test. Do take your intended few days rest.

    DIANE – thanks for the new start this morning. So, you have to start back at the work this week – I hope it goes smoothly. I suppose the quick turn-around suggest more efficiency than the people in charge of your previous projects!

    AQ – I never tried tatting, but it did look tempting. We didn’t go to church, though J has gone to his. Ours was just a “Favourite Hymns” gathering so not worth any effort. I shan’t go next week as it is Remembrance Sunday and I never do that one.

    LINDA – hope your OH finds source of leak and prevents further damage. E-E is doing his filing today – mine seems to have motivated him.
  • This sums up what a graphic designer confronts on a regular basis. Somehow, it all runs downhill to us since we are last in the chain of production. Harrumph!

    Annette in SoCal said:
    "Well, if the magazine didn't have such a ridiculously early deadline for an event that's planned for next March and the folks who are organizing that event haven't yet pinned down 'the details,' then we can't include them can we?"

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  • CC:  Haha.  Well, there's always lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.  In one of my previous freelance lives, I used to fit/wrap the text to the art - easy on a computer these days as long as you watch out for tricky hyphenated words and inadvertent spaces, but that was a sparsley staffed publication. The art folks at the one I work for now wouldn't tolerate a mere editor futzing with their digital files.  :-)

    Diane: Yesterday was a very quiet day and planning the same, although I hesitate to use the word because we all know man plans; God laughs.  Polished the silver (that is, a couple of antique-y knick-knacks from the UK and bits and bobs of jewelry - though what I own barely merits that description!), mended some gym socks in a fit of retro/depression-era thriftiness, and sorted through OH's four(!) files, each labeled "Computers/Software" that contained multiple copies of ancient instructions and receipts.  Arghhh.  Oh yes, also unpacked my Christmas gift from OH (I ordered early to avoid supply delays):  A Bose Soundlink Revolve Blue-Tooth speaker that connects with my iPhone for phone calls, podcasts, music, etc.; hate those ear buds that look so weird and are too expensive to risk losing.

  • In reply to Lindybird:

    Lindybird said:
    Clare - Be uniquely you -- we wouldn't have it any other way!!

    That goes for you as well.

    Our herring gulls are red listed birds.  Think about that the next time you hear some flaming idiot calling for a cull of them.

  • LOL!! - I tell my OH on a daily basis that he's lucky to have me as I'm a one off!!!!
  • Annette: That sounds like (See what I did there?) a very sensible present. Some of these new gadgets are a big help. Once you've got your head around the instruction book!!!