Weekly Chat (non-osprey) Sunday, September 12, 2021

  • Glad everyone enjoyed the lemon face!!!
  • Hi, all. Wow, I know everyone on this thread is very sweet, but I didn't realize the bugs thought so, too. 

    Pat O: I'm so very sorry about the entire incident: the bite, the hospitalization, and the distress of being stranded far from home. I hope you will feel much better and have a safe return journey. Sending you healing. 

    Harelady: Cellulitis is a serious matter. I hope you continue to respond to the antibiotics and feel much better. I'm sorry you have to return to work so soon. Take good care of yourself. 

    Clare: I hope you and Limpy have the most glorious holiday that anyone could possibly have!!! You've certainly chosen a wonderful area to visit.

    CC: I hope you enjoy your festival and have a good, safe trip. Enjoy the plays!

    Lindy: I'm glad you had a nice visit and a safe journey home. 

    SunnyKate: The link with the young cyclist was very touching. Thank you.

    Annette: Your link with the garden wildlife is fabulous! Thank you. I hope you are enjoying the possum visits. Years ago, an albino possum enjoyed our deck every night. I adored her. I hope California exercises some good sense tomorrow, and the full population accepts the results.

    OG: I'm so glad to read that you've been able to get out and about a little bit. I think of you every day and send strength and good energy.

    Very hot and humid here. I went to the convenience store on the highway this evening to get some diet Mountain Dew, and I was soaking wet with perspiration when I got back. My freelance project arrived today, so I'll be sitting in front of the fan and working every day now.

  • Diane;  Hope the freelance project is straightforward and pays well!   We have the launch of a SpaceX rocket with 51 satellites aboard in about 20 minutes so am watching online and then will go outside to see the trail - it's a lovely clear night.   Condolences for the sticky heat, but fall is just around the corner.  It's been unseasonably cool here. My yoga teacher said she'll be looking out her long-sleeved tops soon and I said that's when the temps will zoom back into the 90s as they typically do.   Have never seen/heard of an albino possum. Fascinating!   OH says I mustn't encourage any critters, but I've put out some water along with a few almonds for the last few nights and somebody is eating them.  Have you been shopping for cars yet?

  • ANNETTE: Thanks for the reminder. I watched the SpaceX launch. Hope you were able to see the trail. My Mom used to feed the albino possum peanut butter. It wasn't a good idea, but she and the possum both enjoyed it. The possum lived to be very old.

    This freelance project is on a very tight deadline. I decided that it would be too stressful to look for and buy a vehicle while I'm trying to keep this project on track. So I'll devote myself solely to finishing the editing first pass, and then I can concentrate fully on finding a vehicle (I really, really want a pickup). It's a difficult time, because I can't drive to the superstore for food or anything else. I'll just have to walk up to the tiny general store in my small town and pick up groceries and other things I need from their limited offerings. It's motivation to deliver this project ahead of schedule.

  • PAT – Your Mull publicity rivals any TI. I hope the swelling recedes soon and you can safely return home.

    KATE – Delightful story of the lad riding “with” the cyclists. I was pleased to track with the tour across Pennines, bringing back more memories of my travels. My g-g-gr-parents came from nearby Orton.

    We have large numbers of cleared Scots in Aussieland. Large numbers settled at Strathalbyn & in South East (Naracoorte, Penola) in our state. Caledonian Societies & pipe bands are popular.

    Humpback whales feeding frenzy off NSW coast.

  • Just a thought

    Never regret anything that made you smile. (Mark Twain)

  • Good Morning. Dull and grey here, but not raining, so my OH has gone off to golf optimistically. We may miss a deluge predicted for the North of UK, as its moving across to the East Coast.

    I was woken by a "wooden" sound. My OH came to tell me that it was Bonnie trying to jump the fence, as she could still smell a hedgehog who had been in our back garden but had gone next door when it realised her presence. At least she couldn't attack it! We haven't had a hedgehog in a very long time, so it's good news really.

    She had some 8 and 10 mile walks, on the lead, with my OHs br. in law whilst we were away. He said that one day, she jumped into the bottom of a hedge and came out with a dead cat clamped in her mouth!! Thankfully she dropped it later.
  • Thanks for the link to the humpback whales, AQ.

    I hope your OH is now recovered.

  • Annette - Thanks for the garden at night photos, I only just got time to enjoy them. They're very good.

    Diane - Good Luck with your project. I hope you can get enough supplies to keep you going while you get through it.

    Clare & Limpy - I'm excited for you both, and your trip sounds wonderful. We drove through Glencoe once and it was spectacular. I'm sure you'll return with lots more great wildlife photos!!
  • SunnyKate -- just watched your cycling clip with the young lad - wonderful.