WEEKLY CHAT (Non-Osprey) JULY 18, 2021

  • Not had time to catch up.

    Dibnlib, sorry to hear about your f. in law, very upsetting for your OH when it's so far to go.

    Annette, I hope you can shut that door and just relax with a book for a bit. Lovely to see relatives but can be tiring, as we've said before.

    I have had three long standing friends whom I write to, regularly. However, one seems to be too busy now to reply to my communications, one has sadly disappeared and I fear the worst, and the remaining one has written to tell me a month or so ago of the loss of her husband. She wrote recently to say that she was now going to visit relatives who she had not been able to see for some time, due to nursing her husband, and so would not be home for a while.

    I've suffered in the heat today: one day or maybe two is bearable, but this has gone on for a long time now. I've been keeping to the coolest rooms in the house and using various fans. Our thermometer stated that it was 30 degrees this afternoon -- that was outside. Indoors it was the same even in rooms with the blinds down.
  • Heather, a nice cold G&T sounds like the best idea.

    I keep going into the garden for just five minutes to pull the odd weed out, but the rest of it will have to wait. Far too warm to do more. At least my laundry is drying in record time!

    Yesterday we took sis in law Sue out for lunch and we all enjoyed a glass of cold white wine in a characterful pub, sitting next to an open window and with nicely attentive service from the young staff. I had gammon with egg, chips and garden peas, and we all refused dessert. 

  • In reply to Diane in Indiana:

    Eagleeye - lovely to hear of update about OG. Hope she continues on the path to a good recovery and that you can have her home soon. Give her my regards, I'm sure we are all thinking about her on this blog.

    Diane - nice to see you are back home.


    RSPB Giving Nature a Home



  • Gosh, AQ - Diane has been in my thoughts but I forgot to say so.....

    I hope you're keeping nice and cool, there.

    Tonight, we have a stunning golden/ orange moon hanging low in the sky.
  • ps     I'm sure too, that this Site is playing up as some posts have disappeared!

  • Hallo all: Well it took forever to clean my bathroom this time round. Two visitors: One with hair down to her thighs (Ms. D's - always braided thank heaven) and granddaughter's halfway down her back and both taking showers every day after the beach, etc., so floor had a slightly sandy texture too, though they left most of it on the patio. :-)) Ended up doing all the laundry; the last load sheets is in the dryer as I type. Tomorrow it's the rest of the house. The vacuum cleaner is parked in the living room, ready for another outing. We are getting take out for dinner tonight (and maybe tomorrow too). Refrigerator looks strangely empty after days of not being able to find space for anything, but will put off grocery shopping as long as I can get away with it. Thank heaven we have the basic necessities - Chardonnay for OH and Pino Grigio for me, chilling nicely...

    Ghastly temps for the UK. That's just awful. I sincerely hope it cools down for you all - remember to stay hydrated.
  • Two osprey cams in Massachusetts; brilliant pix... If you click on the EarthCam Network, you'll find links to all kinds of fab cams (some have sound too).

  • Workplace rules:
    1. Teamwork means never having to take all the blame yourself.
    2. Indecision is the key to flexibility.
    3. Succeed in spite of management.
    4. Never underestimate the power of very stupid people in large groups.
    5. If you can stay calm, while all around you is chaos, then you probably haven't completely understood the seriousness of the situation

  • Great, AQ!! I've always loved that one about stupid people in large groups.....

    Annette - glad you're not trying to do everything at once now your guests are gone.

    A bright start again here, and I hate to moan about the weather, but when speaking to friends we find we're all talking about ways to keep out of the heat, and how we're hoping it will stop soon.

    I shall be sitting in a dark room and watching the Olympics Opening Ceremony at lunchtime- it sounds as if it will take all afternoon so I'll have to pace myself!! Not sure how much I'm looking forward to the sports themselves. I wouldn't be surprised if it all had to be abandoned halfway through, given the infection figures there.