WEEKLY CHAT (Non-Osprey) JULY 18, 2021

  • Evening all: Will catch up with news tomorrow after kids head home and I've got a couple of loads of laundry under way. :-)
  • DIBNLIB – What thoughtful friend; she can think of others despite her troubles. I hope your f-i-l recovers quickly. As for your departing friend, do keep in touch with letters or email. My school friend & I wrote each C-mas for nearly 40 years (she in country, I in city). Now she lives in another suburb & is widowed we are meeting regularly for lunch (or we were before covid).

    Chilly again. Max was 9.9 C at 6 am, yes am. Very quiet, no traffic, another 2 positive cases in SA. Record numbers in NSW (people there can’t/won’t stay home).

  • Just a thought

    A true friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down. (Arnold H Glasow)

  • DIBNLIB - I couldn't put it any better than AQ , what a special lady your friend is.
  • Good Morning . Another hot night here: we took the big fan to our bedroom and I actually woke up too chilly! Sun again today and forecast for tomorrow. Its already 23 degrees in the coolest room in the house- yesterday it hit about 30 degrees in the kitchen.

    Thank you for the update on OG, EE - glad she has a single room. They are rarer here, you're more likely to be in a four bed corner. I do hope you can take her something tasty to snack on, and that she continues to feel a little better.
  • Good morning/evening LINDA. Officially today was our coldest day for 30 years. And no, I don't want your heat, I like it cold (as long as I have lots of layers and stay inside.
  • Well the sun isn't over the yard arm yet but I am sitting with a G and T with loads of ice. It seemed the only sensible thing to do, too warm for me to do any garden work !
  • I think the site is playing up again. I know I posted something earlier as I saw it in print and it has now vanished.

    AQ thanks for your thoughts on FiL. It isn't looking good I am afraid and OH may decide to drive down sooner. If poss he wants to leave it till Sunday when the roads will be quieter. We have had 2 updates from OHs Sister today and expect another later. She has a visiting slot this afternoon but has been advised he may not recognise her and I know how hard that can be.
  • Morning all:  Waved bye-bye to twosome at 4:15 a.m. then headed back to bed.  They are almost halfway home at this point.   We really had a lot of fun and laughs on this trip.

    EE:. I gather from comments that OG's move to new hospital given its reputation and less strict visitor policy. Hope she's closer to going back home.

    Diane: Welcome home - how was Indianapolis (dog sitting) and what's the latest on elderly relative?

    dibnlib:  Sorry your friend has moved away (this isn't your friend who had the accident right?); maybe focus on when you might be able to go and visit once they're settled?  Meanwhile, wonderfully thoughtful of accident friend to buy you that plant (and how sweet of her daughter to make it possible!).  Hope your OH is okay with the location.   That's a long drive for your OH and on a Sunday?  Won't the roads be jammed?  EDIT: Not the case, I see from your later post. Assume that train options are less than desirable?  I wonder will he stay down there as it doesn't sound good for F-i-L.

    AQ:  Told granddaughter about your trio back in school then home again so quickly; she's wondering how things are going to go when Ms D's school starts back up....  Oh I love those writer quotes!   Interesting that one OZ state manages to keep Covid figures low while another's residents run amok.  Enjoy those chilly temps.

    Heather: I forget size of family due to visit?  Suggest you rest before (and after).  EDIT: I see you're already into the G&T!  :-)  A little preventive medicine perchance (in addition to combating the hot temps of course?)

    I've got one load of laundry in and may just shovel the stuff that doesn't need to be done into the guest room and close the door on it for a day or two...  

  • AQ and LINDY It is so nice to have friends who go way back. I am in touch with 2 friends who were at infant school with me so I have known them over 60 years. One lives in Moray so not too far away and I hope to see her next week and the other lives in Fife and we saw her and her husband when we stayed in Pitlochry just a few weeks ago.

    HEATHER A G&T in the garden is a much better idea than gardening when the weather is like this. Leave gardening and dog walking for before 1000 or after 7.00pm.