WEEKLY CHAT (Non-Osprey) JULY 18, 2021

  • We are just back from our morning walk in the woods. We saw 9 camper vans that had probably stayed in the small car park overnight. Thank goodness we don't have to drive there as the woods are a stones throw from our front door.
  • How lovely to be able to just sail away, Heather!

    AQ - I don't know how many times I've managed to leave my precious shopping list at home, but at least the actual writing of it appears to help the memory. I hope your daughter can cope with the children at home, they must all be fed up now.

    Very hot here again. Went into the town on errands, and glad I took a drink with me. My OH had had a hot round of golf, and they stopped after playing15 holes.
  • It seems awful to complain about heat when I've been moaning about the opposite but we just aren't used to it!
    I hope that OG is not feeling too warm especially if she is still in prison - sorry - hospital.
  • Heather as you say it’s hot hot hot… and as you say o bet it feels like a prison to OH.
    My 2 have a dust hole under a conifer and spend a lot of time there .
    My youngest was proud of her record of no Covid cases on her house but one student tested positive this morning. They have all had 2 jabs and test 4 times a week so isolating was quickly brought into action. Feel sorry for the lad as he is confined to his room and has a high temperature not helped by it being over 33 degrees in Bournemouth.
    Dibnlib the camper vans are everywhere and not being respectful in many cases . One was pictured camped up in a local cemetery . I gather Chanonary Point is plagued by overnighters where it clearly states it’s a nono.
  • Had my last coffee with a friend yesterday. They are moving down to Hampshire to be closer to family and I will miss her. They moved here about 12 years ago and intended it would be their last move however their daughter stayed in Surrey and has since married and had a baby, now nearly 2 with another on the way in January. My friend used to visit frequently but covid put an end to that and so they decided to pack up and leave.
  • In reply to aquilareen:

    AQ - how annoying again but keep smiling through. Must be annoying for Dau after trio had already gone back to school.

    How true with your quote - Take a deep breath...........

    Lindybird - they do say its going to get a little cooler by the end of the week so hope the family find it so and you can all enjoy your time together.


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  • In reply to dibnlib:

    How lovely, dibnlib, just on the doorstep - all those trees and the wildlife to go with it.

    Thankfully at present I do not do a shopping list as I do my shopping online and just keep adding or subtracting untill the last minute before cut off point. Mind you I do miss going round the supermarket a little.


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  • Evening all: Family members going well but oh Lord am I tired.....Warned OH that I may spend two days in bed once everyone's left..... Hope OG is doing well.