Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 4 July 2021


The Moon turns new on July 9 or July 10 (depending on your location).

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

I'll be back tomorrow to make some replies. 

  • Diane: You beat me to it. I just unglued myself from my project to make sure the world was still there....
  • Just a thought

    Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all others because you were born in it. (George Bernard Shaw)

  • LINDY Just wondering, Pets at home stock Grannicks Bitter Apple which is a lick/chew detergent. I don't know if you can spray it on wounds but it may be worth investigating. I do hope Sue can learn to bond with Toffee now the nasty neighbour has left. They both need that to happen. Am sending you a PM.
  • Thank you, Diane. AQ - Food for thought with that quote!

    Much excitement here as England won their football game yesterday, and a savvy 18 yr old girl got through her next stage at Wimbledon, to be in the final week, even though she only got invited to take part on a wild card. I predict she'll go far!

    Lots of heavy rain here last night but it's not cold, and there's chance that the sun will peep through.
  • See that you came on whilst I was writing, dibnlib - thanks for any suggestions!

    The nasty woman seemed to have some history as out of her 3 grown up children, only one was still speaking to her and that was intermittent. She had not seen her grandchildren for two years at least, because of this. Don't know where she has moved to but feel heartily sorry for her new neighbours.
  • I'm back again, to wish all our USA members a Happy 4th of July!! Didn't realise it until it was just mentioned on the radio...
  • Happy 4th July to friends in the US !!
  • A pic from our recent break in Pitlochry.  This was taken from Queens view and you can see Loch Tummel.  It is just a shame the top of Schiehallion is in mist.  This is one of Scotlands many Munros and is a spectacular sight.

  • Morning all: Digging into my project today because I just realized our TV cable subscription includes Wimbledon and the Euro soccer championships. Yay!
  • Hello! Will try to make good my promise. We had some overnight showers, and continued into the morning – now a warm, dry and breezy afternoon. OH has been using non-gardening weather to do bits which he can in the kitchen – hung the menu board after lunch today. We have now been informed the real kitchen fitter will be at least another six weeks off work, but somebody (not sure who) will be able to come to us week of August 2nd!

    One job J was considering an application for, he changed his mind (successful candidate was in paper this week and looks as if he was always in line for it anyway but they had to advertise!) and he is waiting to hear from one for council youthwork. Everything is parttime and short contracts, but that would be best for J at this time.

    Thanks to DIANE for the new week – another new moon so a reminder to file my fingernails. I hope your strange weather has left you now, and you can have something without emergencies for the remainder of summer. Have all the baby Cicadas gone to ground now for the next 17 years?

    ANNETTE – sorry you have been busy with a freelance project at short notice. Any more family visits coming up? And how is your sister? I hope you will get to see some good football and tennis on your subscription channel.

    AQ – I hear there are covid precautions in various states and locations – stay safe.

    LINDA – I do hope Sue will find life easier now that awful woman has moved on – although I did wonder if Boris will now escape and come to find her! I hope Toffee will settle better now Sue can be more relaxed with him. I surprised everyone by watching the England match yesterday evening – it was good football, well worthwhile.

    DIBNLIB – thanks for the Queen’s View – a reminder that I have a panoramic view waiting for framing – took it more years ago than I can add up! Schiehallion has such a perfect shape – pity about the mist. Thank you also for the email – I will reply but glad you enjoyed the time away.

    Busy week coming – at least four varied appointments between us.