• In reply to Karen:

    Let's hope she-095 stays put! Hopefully she is a bit calmer and she is taking hint from the parents if she's a good girl she gets a fish! :-)
    The centre was only flooded yesterday so don't think this was the previous notice of closure! Not sure what that was for was assuming perhaps incorrectly that it was self isolating maybe! We didn't ask!
  • 18:08   Maya arrives and takes some innards

    095 spies 096 flying by and starts flapping her wings

    18:09  Maya eats some fish

    18:11  096 arrives

    096 takes off as 095 approaches 

    095 wing flaps

    095 stands guard 

    and now warning  -  Maya continues to eat

    18:17   Maya appears to have finished and cleans her beak

    Maya then stands on the fish looking out - perhaps for 096

    18:19   Maya then flies off with the fish

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  • 18:23  Maya returns with the fish

    095 wing flapping

    Maya keeping hold of the fish!

    © Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust

  • 18:29   095 starts flapping her wings, warning

    096 arrives and lands

    095 has launched herself at him and 096 takes off

    095 is off in pursuit leaving Maya with the fish

    and she flies off  again with it

    © Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust

  • 18:37  095 had returned and was calling.   Maya returns with the fish

    once more, Maya holds on to it

    I think Maya knows that if she gives it to 095 she will probably take off with it 

    Maya now having some more fish

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    Cannot help but feel for Maya and 096.   

    He wants fed and she wants him to come and get the fish  - I just wish 095 would calm down.  

  • In reply to Karen:

    Karen if we hadn't seen what we have with 33 feeding 096 we would have serious concerns about the aggressive behaviour 095 is showing to him at this more mature age of a juvenile. She doesn't like him and is attacking him to the extent that he has to keep away! Hopefully if she migrates before him he can get extra fish for a few days. Her behaviour has changed the behaviour of these birds this year! Isn't it strange for the last 2 seasons with 4 chicks there was more work for 33 but this is proving to be a more trying year for Maya and 33!
  • LAM - if we didn't have your reports, I honestly would have been beside myself worrying about 096.

    095 is very, very aggressive - she clearly does not like 096 nor want him anywhere near far less on the nest.

    Everything was fine on the 21st - both were eating on the nest. I was not about on the 22nd when 096 took off but it is since his return that the trouble has started.

    It is all credit to 33 who is doing his utmost to feed 096 on the perch also Maya who is looking out for him and I am wondering just now at her eating if she is trying to get the fish down in size that it can be transferred to 096 on the perch as you saw this happen with 33.

    It is not nice to watch but I cannot see her changing.

  • 095 has been begging and Maya will not see her hungry but she wont let her have the fish so feeds her !!

    095 looks up and a screech!!    We know when 096 is near!

    back to feeding her

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  • In reply to Karen:

    Thankyou Karen totally agree - the transfer can only be made with small fish & dead since 33 has to bring it in with one set of claws and land with the other leg and then make the transfer. 096 I fear has lost the plot.