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History of Ospreys at Loch of the Lowes

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All captures and videos ©Scottish Wildlife Trust/Loch of the Lowes


Arrival dates: Laddie - 21st March  NC0 - 25th March

Three eggs laid: Egg #1 - 11.4.21  Egg #2 - 14.4.21  Egg #3 - 17.4.21

Hatch dates: Chick #1 - 18.5.21 (37 days)  Chick #2 - 20.5.21 (36 days)  Chick #3 - 22.5.21 (35 days)

25.5.21 - Third chick passed away 

22.6.21 - Chicks ringed: #1 - LR1 (female)  #2 - LR2 (male) 

26.6.21 - NC0 catches a fish

Ringing Blog >>> Meet our newly ringed osprey chicks - LR1 and LR2

PT4(19) arrives back in the UK: Blog by Joanna Dailey >>> An important visitor - Kielder Ospreys

9.7.21 - LR1 fledged at 52 days old, 17:01 >>> First Osprey Chick LR1 Fledges

Blog >>> We have lift off

12.7.21 - LR2 fledged at 53 days old, c17:40 Blog: LR2 fledges


From little 'fluff balls' to almost fully grown ospreys, LR1 and LR2 are doing amazingly well all thanks to the fantastic ongoing care from NC0 and Laddie (LM12). Not only have we seen Laddie providing fish for his family but NC0 has been successful several times just recently as well - what first-class parents they are! There continues to be the occasional intrusion from ospreys passing through, however, the nest and chicks have been protected outstandingly. We look forward to the next exciting phase in the young ospreys' development.

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    You're more than welcome, Karen. Thank you for your kind words 

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    Super start to the month, thank you, SANDRA

    This was the scene not long ago - well, there were 2 younguns there as well but they got cut off in the interest of art

    NC0 has flown now, it's daycam and one of the kids is up preening and the other is crouched over, engrossed in some mystery activity.

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    Little vid of breakfish delivery, mainly for NC0's performance: